Pathway to Potential
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Pathway to Potential

Pathway to Potential Social Investment Windsor EssexSince its creation in 2009, the City of Windsor's poverty reduction strategy, Pathway to Potential, has targeted four key areas to assist low-income individuals and families in Windsor and Essex County:

  1. Community programs for low-income individuals and families;
  2. Discounted recreation programs in the city and county;
  3. Discounted bus transportation through Transit Windsor's Affordable Pass Program (APP); and
  4. Research and communication initiatives which raise awareness of the issues related to poverty and the need for everyone to share in the solutions.

In January 2017, Windsor City Council approved the creation of a comprehensive plan intended to "change the conversation" away from poverty reduction and towards making social investments in our residents, our neighbourhoods and our community. This plan builds on existing and new resources and supports initiatives led by the City of Windsor and community partners, with a goal to make a difference in the lives of all residents.

Areas of focus include:

  • Provision of foundational services;
  • Support for social investment initiatives led by community partners;
  • Enhancing the role of Windsor City Council to promote social investment campaign;
  • Promotion of social investments throughout the Corporation of the City of Windsor;
  • Provision of subsidized recreational programs in Windsor and throughout Essex County;
  • Provision of subsidized transportation through Transit Windsor - Affordable Pass Program (APP);
  • Investment in neighbourhoods;
  • An enhanced communication campaign to raise awareness and promote social investment programs available for residents; and
  • Creation of a new data collection strategy based on outcome measures and best practices.

Learn more about the initiatives and/or programs funded through Pathway to Potential. 

Please call 311 for general information. 

For detailed inquiries call 519-255-5200 ext. 5302 or email your inquiry to Pathway to Potential.

For detailed inquires about the P2P Sports, Arts, and Culture Brokerage Program, please contact 519-253-2300 ext. 2722 or email

Pathway to Potential is funded by the City of Windsor and County of Essex.