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Communities of PracticeAssortment of resources for Communities of Practice

The City of Windsor, Children’s Services will support the Communities of Practice (COP) for Early Learning Professionals in the following manner:

  • Providing a book for each participant on a specific topic
  • Providing staff wages for the participants (1.5 hours/week for leaders; 1 hour/week for other participants)
  • Providing additional materials in a kit to support ongoing learning
  • Providing reporting templates and guidelines

How can you participate in a COP?

  • Each agency willing to participate must recruit 5 early learning professionals to participate.
  • Each participant in a COP will require approval from his/her employer.
  • Supervisors, directors or owner/operators are responsible for completing an application.
  • Leaders will be responsible for completing all reporting templates and facilitating group discussions.
  • All participants will be responsible for reviewing materials; providing feedback and ideas; attending regularly scheduled meetings; and working collectively to achieve common goals and outcomes.
  • All participants will be responsible for completing an evaluation at the end of the session.

To participate in a Community of Practice, please complete the following application:

Community of Practice Application

*Completed Applications must be submitted by email or mail to:

The City of Windsor - Children's Services
400 City Hall Square E. P.O. Box 426, Station A
Windsor, Ontario, Canada,  N9A 6L7
Attention: Dawn Vandenham


Available topics/books include:

Reflecting in Communities of PracticePedagogical Documentation in Early ChildhoodThe Power of Emergency CurriculumCalm, Alert and LearningLens on Outdoor Learning

Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood SettingsBig Body PlayHow Does Learning Happen?