EarlyON Locations
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EarlyON Centre Locations

About the Centres:A mother and her baby playing with blocks

  • Each centre offers a wonderful experience for children and their parents and caregivers:
  • Parents and caregivers stay, play, read and sing alongside their children.
  • The program is free, and snack is provided.
  • You arrive when you are ready.
  • Opportunities are provided to interact with other parents, caregivers, Early Learning Professionals, and many community partners.

EarlyON Child and Family Centre Locations

There are 30 EarlyON Child and Family Centres located throughout Windsor-Essex:

Thumbnail link to centre locations mapList of EarlyON Child and Family Centres in Windsor-Essex

November 2019 Hours of Operation

Map of EarlyON Child and Family Centres in Windsor-Essex

Many of the EarlyON Child and Family Years Centres have monthly calendars and newsletters that are posted at the centre, so you can be informed of what is happening. Please ask the EarlyON CFC facilitator about what exciting programs are being offered.

For more information, click the EarlyON CFC site's name below:

Windsor Locations

Begley EarlyON CFC - 1093 Assumption Avenue, (519) 254-3217
Located in Begley School

Brock EarlyON CFC - 3312 Sandwich Street, (519) 256-2490
Located in General Brock School
Brock - November Calendar

Connections EarlyOn CFC - 795 Giles Boulevard East (519) 252-9696

Dougall EarlyON CFC - 811 Dougall Avenue (519) 971-9332
Located in Dougall Public School

Dougall- November Calendar 

Drouillard Place EarlyON CFC - 1102 Drouillard Road, (519) 253-1073

*Franco Sol - St. Edmond’s EarlyON CFC – 1880 Totten, (519) 948-4339
Located in St. Edmond Catholic School
*French language programming

Franco Sol - Georges P Vanier EarlyON CFC - 6200 Edgar Street, (519) 948-7145

Located in Georges P Vanier School

Glengarry EarlyON CFC - 495 Glengarry Avenue, (519) 258-9874
Adjacent to Water World
Glengarry - November Calendar

Grandview EarlyON CFC - 3021 Grandview Street Units 2 & 3, (519) 944-9091

Great Beginnings – Bloomfield EarlyON CFC - 3440 Bloomfield Road, (519) 256-1660

Great Beginnings – California EarlyON CFC - 820 California Avenue, (519) 253-5235

John Campbell EarlyON CFC - 1255 Tecumseh Road East, (519) 254-6411
Located in John Campbell School

Lassaline EarlyON CFC - 3145 Wildwood Drive, (519) 739-3751
Located in Lassaline Catholic School
Lassaline - October Calendar

Baby and Me Program - Lassaline EarlyON CFC

Lassaline Baby and ME

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help EarlyON CFC - 775 Capitol Street, (519) 946-0175
Located in Our Lady of Perpetual Help School 

OLPH - November Calendar

Princess Elizabeth EarlyON CFC - 5399 Raymond Ave., (519) 946-2993
Located in Princess Elizabeth School

Princess Elizbaeth - November Calendar

Baby and Me Program - Princess Elizabeth EarlyON CFC

Princess Elizabeth Baby and ME - November Calendar

Roseville EarlyON CFC - 6265 Roseville Gardens Drive, (519) 944-3611
Located in Roseville School

Ska:Na Ellrose EarlyON CFC – 1684 Ellrose, (519) 948-8115

Ska:Na Northway EarlyON CFC – 1699 Northway Avenue, (226) 674-3800

Talbot Trail EarlyON CFC - 4000 Ducharme Street, (519) 250-6115
Located in Talbot Trail Public School
Talbot Trail - November Calendar

West Gate EarlyON CFC - 1275 Campbell Ave. (519) 252-7729
Located in West Gate School

Essex County Locations

*Franco Sol - Pavillon des Jeunes EarlyON CFC- 326 Rourke Line, Belle River (519) 727-6694
Located in Pavillon des Jeunes School

*French language programming

Harrow EarlyON CFC - 400 Centre Street, Harrow (519) 738-0372
Located in Harrow Senior Public School

Harrow - November Calendar

Holy Name EarlyON CFC- 200 Fairview Avenue West, Essex (519) 776-5197
Located in Holy Name Catholic School

Holy Name - November Calendar

KEYS EarlyON CFC - 23 Mill Street West, Kingsville (519) 733-8983 ext. 21

Lakeshore EarlyON CFC - 376 I.C. Roy Drive, Emeryville (519) 727-4709
Located in Lakeshore Discovery Public School

Lakeshore - November Calendar

M.D. Bennie EarlyON CFC - 259 Sherk Street, Leamington (519) 325-0426
Located in Margaret D Bennie Public School

MD Bennie - November Calendar

Queen Elizabeth EarlyON CFC - 4 Maxon Drive Leamington (519) 326-9451

Located in Queen Elizabeth School

Sacred Heart EarlyON CFC - 200 Kenwood Boulevard, LaSalle (519) 734-7961
Located in Sacred Heart School

Sacerd Heart - November Calendar

Amherstburg EarlyON CFC - 252 Hamilton Drive, Amherstburg (519) 736-0953
Located in Amherstburg Public School


Amherstburg - November Calendar

St. Pius EarlyON CFC - 644 Lacasse Boulevard, Tecumseh (519) 735-1524
Located in St. Pius School​​​​
St. Pius - November Calendar

For more information please call 211 or visit the Ministry of Education- EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Thank you for visiting our web pages. We hope to see you soon at one of our centres!