2014/2015 (Cycle 4) EDI Results
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2014/2015 (Cycle 4) EDI Results

Since 2004, The Early Development Instrument (EDI) has been implemented in four year cycles throughout the Province of Ontario. Cycle 4 was completed during the 2014–2015 school year. In the spring of 2014, Senior Kindergarten teachers from the following school boards in Windsor and Essex County completed EDIs on each of their students:

  • The Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB)
  • The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board (WECDSB)
  • Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence (CSC Providence)
  • Conseil Scolaire Viamonde (CS Viamonde)
Windsor–Essex Group Reports

Researchers at the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University provided the following group reports for all Windsor–Essex County SK children who had valid EDIs and were not identified as having special needs.

2014 – 2015 Offord Centre Reports for Windsor-Essex 

Windsor-Essex County:  2014/2015 EDI Results
Lowest 10% based on the Ontario baseline cut offs 

Vulnerability: Summary ​Ontario Baseline Windsor - Essex ​Windsor - Essex Count from 3749 valid EDIs
​Low on at least 1 domain ​     29.4% ​     24.9% ​932
​Low on 2 or more domains      ​14.4% ​     11.8% ​441
​Multiple Challenge Index ​    3.6% ​     3.0% ​105
​Communication Skills & General Knowledge ​     10.2% ​     7.4% 278
​Emotional Health & Maturity      ​12.3% ​    10.7% 400
​Language & Cognitive Development ​     6.7% ​     7.0% 262
​Physical Health & Well-being      ​16.1% ​    12.6% 472
​Social Knowledge & Competence ​     10.7% ​     8.3% 313
Neighbourhood Reports
More detailed neighbourhood level reports are provided by the local Data Analysis Coordinator for Windsor-Essex. Results were mapped by postal code and students were assigned to large “Best Startplanning neighbourhoods and within these, smaller “Natural” neighbourhoods.

2014/2015 EDI Distribution of Student Population

Valid for analysis were a total of 3,749 EDIs of children without identified special needs. The following maps show where these children lived.

Best Start Neighbourhoods

Windsor – Essex Distribution of Children 2014/2015 EDI

Domain Maps

Please refer to The Early Development Instrument (EDI) page for more information on domains and sub-domains.

The following map sets show the number of children in each neighbourhood scoring in the lowest 10% in each domain.

2014/2015 EDI Domains – Best Start Neighbourhood

2014/2015 Children low on one or more domains

The Multiple Challenge Index (MCI)

Children scoring below expectations on 9 or more of the sub-domains are considered to have multiple challenges. These maps show which neighbourhoods had children with the most multiple changes.

2014/2015 EDI Multiple Challenges – Best Start Neighbourhoods

For more information about the EDI, please contact the Windsor-Essex Data Analysis Coordinator:

Noel Mailloux
400 City Hall Square, Suite 301
Windsor, Ontario Canada  N9A 6L7
Phone: (519) 255-5200, ext. 5136