Looking Back and Moving Forward Reports

Advancing Windsor's Vision

The City of Windsor has completed "Looking Back", the first of three phases of the Official Plan 5-Year Review. The Looking Back work program was comprised of research and analysis that identified, described and discussed the existing conditions, trends and known challenges that face Windsor. The analyses of existing studies and recent legislative changes along with stakeholder discussions, statistical analyses and field surveys were included in a series of Looking Back Summary Reports and a Looking Back Synthesis Report, as follows:

The Looking Back phase of the review has identified 124 issues raised by the people of Windsor and five areas of further study that are required by the Province of Ontario in order for Windsor's Official Plan Review to meet the requirement for a comprehensive official plan review.

These five additional reports need to be completed during the Moving Forward phase of the review and will result in proposed policy changes that will be implemented during the Advancing Windsor's Vision phase. It is expected that the completion of the additional studies and policy updates for the 124 issues will result in Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's acceptance of Windsor's Comprehensive Official Plan 5-Year Review.

Moving Forward Reports:

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