Committee of Adjustment Meeting Schedule

Thank you for your interest in joining us for the Committee of Adjustment meeting on Thursday, February 18, 2021. As you are aware, this meeting will be held through electronic participation in accordance with Bill 187, the Municipal Emergency Act and an Order in Council of March 28, 2020, which amended the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and prohibits organized public events of more than five people.

You will be required to register prior to the meeting. Click below to register for the February 18, 2021 Committee of Adjustment meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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The meeting will begin at 3:30 p.m. We are suggesting that people begin joining the meeting around 3:15 so that they are able to get logged in and can hear any instructions for participation prior to the first agenda item.

Meeting Agenda

The most recent Committee of Adjustment meeting agenda is as follows:


​File #






5021089 Ontario Inc.

477 Pelissier Street

Relief: The conversion of a commercial building into a mixed-use building.



2770722 Ontario Ltd.


493 University Avenue West

Relief: Creation of a dwelling unit with reduced amenity area and parking.



2748406 Ontario Ltd.

525-535 Cabana Road East

Relief: The development of a commercial building with right-of-way variance.



2748406 Ontario Ltd.

525-535 Cabana Road East

Consent: Create a right-of-way.



Eastside Horizons

1489, 1611, 1675 Banwell Road

Relief: The construction of a ground-sign with exceeding height.



Piccolo's Pizza and Pasta

2135-2195 Tecumseh Road West

Consent: Create a new lot.



Estate of Smaragda Vaupotic

631-641 Riverside Drive East

Consent: Create a new lot.

Download the February 18 agenda and attachments (5 MB)

Committee of Adjustment Hearings - Video/Audio - November 12, 2020 (YouTube)

Committee of Adjustment Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Committee of Adjustment hearings are occurring on a reduced schedule and are being conducted via electronic participation.
  • All City facilities and offices are closed to the public, and committee staff are working remotely to accept applications.
  • You can continue to contact us by email at, phone (519) 255-6543, or send regular mail to: Planning Division
    2nd Floor, 350 City Hall Square West, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9A 6S1
  • It is not possible to submit a Committee of Adjustment application or appeal in person at this time. Please contact us at or (519) 255-6543 to arrange to submit your application electronically.
  • You can continue to submit a request for a certificate by email if conditions of approval have been cleared by the appropriate authorities.

2021 Schedule:

Hearing Date Cut Off Date (a.m.) Location of Hearing
​January 28, 2021 ​January 4, 2021
Electronic Participation
​February 18, 2021 ​​January 25, 2021 Electronic Participation
​March 18, 2021 ​February 25, 2021 Electronic Participation
​April 22, 2021 ​​March 29, 2021 Electronic Participation
​May 20, 2021 ​April 26, 2021 Electronic Participation
​June 17, 2021 ​​May 25, 2021 Electronic Participation
​July 15, 2021 ​​June 21, 2021 Electronic Participation
​August 19, 2021 ​July 26, 2021 Electronic Participation
​September 16, 2021 ​​August 23, 2021 Electronic Participation
​October 21, 2021 ​September 27, 2021 Electronic Participation
​November 18, 2021 ​October 25, 2021 Electronic Participation
​December 16, 2021 ​​November 22, 2021 Electronic Participation

Please Note:

The above is tentative and may change due to statutory holidays, bookings of hearing location by higher priority parties (i.e. Local Planning Appeal Tribunal [LPAT], Assessment Review) and member availability (quorum), etc. Commencement time for all hearings is 3:30 p.m.

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N9A 6S1

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