Step 5

Public Hearing and Decision Making Process

The applicant/owner and/or the agent will attend the Public Hearing to explain the reasons for the application. If a representative does not attend, the Consent Authority may proceed in your absence. Other interested parties are also entitled to attend the Public Hearing and express their views about the application.

The Consent Authority will carefully consider all aspects of your application in light of the requirements of the Planning Act, the Provincial Government's Comprehensive Set of Policy Statements, the policies in the Official Plan, comments from municipal departments, agency comments and input from the public. 

When dealing with an application to sever land, the Consent Authority must consider:

  • The effect of development of the proposed consent on matters of provincial interest; 
  • Whether the proposed consent is premature or in the public interest;  
  • Whether the consent conforms to the official plan and adjacent plans of subdivision, if any; 
  • The suitability of the land for the purposes for which it is to be subdivided;  
  • If any affordable housing units are being proposed, the suitability of the proposed units for affordable housing; 
  • The number, width, location and proposed grades and elevations of highways, and the adequacy of them, and the highways linking the highways in the proposed consent with the established highway system in the vicinity and the adequacy of them;
  • The dimensions and shapes of the proposed lots;
  • The restrictions or proposed restrictions, if any, on the land proposed to be subdivided or the buildings and structures proposed to be erected on it and the restrictions, if any, on adjoining land;
  • Conservation of natural resources and flood control;
  • The adequacy of utilities and municipal services;
  • The adequacy of school sites;
  • The area of land, if any, within the proposed consent that, exclusive of highways, is to be conveyed or dedicated for public purposes;
  • The extent to which the plan's design optimizes the available supply, means of supplying, efficient use and conservation of energy.

If your application is approved, the Consent Authority may impose conditions as part of the decision. Conditions could include things such as a requirement for Site Plan Approval; the entering into of a servicing agreement with the City; or approval of a lot grading plan.

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