​3841-3847 Howard Avenue

Address: 3841-3847 Howard Avenue

File No: Z-040/22 (ZNG-6903)

The applicant is requesting an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 for the land located on the southwest corner of Howard Avenue and Cabana Road East, described as Pt. Lot 6, Concession 4, being Part 22, 23, and 24 on Plan 12R-22126, [PIN 01290 0213 LT]. The subject land is designated Mixed Use Node on Schedule D-1 of Official Plan Amendment 159, and zoned Commercial District 2.1 (CD2.1) by Zoning By-law 8600.

The applicant proposes to change the zoning of the subject land from Commercial District 2.1 (CD2.1) to Commercial District 2.2 (CD2.2) to allow residential and commercial uses within a proposed combined use building on the subject land. The applicant proposes to construct a 4-storey combined use building containing 18 dwelling units and a business office. Twenty (20) on-site parking spaces and one (1) loading space are proposed for the entire development, as shown on the attached concept plan. The subject zoning by-law amendment includes a request for the following site-specific zoning provision noted in the applicant’s Planning Rationale Report:

  • Reduction in required minimum number of parking spaces, from 25 spaces to 20 spaces

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