​2400 Banwell Road

Applicant: Maple Leaf Homes Ltd.

File No: OPA 156 [OPA/6702] & Z-010/22 [ZNG/6701]

The applicant is requesting amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law 8600 for the vacant south portion of the land located on the east side of Banwell Road, between the VIA Rail Canada rail corridor and McNorton Street, described as Pt Block 1, Plan 12M-428, Part 1 on Reference Plan 12R-17595.

The subject land is designated Business Park on Schedule ER-2: Land Use Plan, Secondary Plan for East Riverside Planning Area, Official Plan Volume 2, and zoned Manufacturing District 1.4 (MD1.4) by Zoning By-law 8600. A site-specific zoning provision [S.20(1)113] also applies to the subject land. A Committee of Adjustment Order, B-001/22, exists for a proposed severance of the vacant south portion of the property known as 2400 Banwell Road.

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