1370 Argyle Road

Applicant: Duo Fratres Inc.
Agent: Bezaire Partners
File No: Z-017/21 [ZNG/6435]

The subject property is located on the east side of Argyle Road, south of Ottawa Street (i.e. directly behind the Market Square). The applicant is requesting an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 to permit the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of a former industrial property for residential use. The former building was heavily damaged by fire in 2018 and was partially demolished (the two-storey, front office portion of the building remains). The property is listed on the Municipal Heritage Register.

The applicant proposes to construct a new, three-storey multiple dwelling with a total gross floor area of 8,555 square metres and 81 dwelling units. The remaining office building will be rehabilitated and incorporated into the proposed multiple dwelling. To achieve the proposed development, the rezoning application requests a change to a site-specific Commercial District 2.2 (CD2.2) that would:

  • Permit a multiple dwelling as an additional permitted use; and
  • Permit part of the required parking (approximately 50%) to be located off-site on the abutting Market Square property located at 2109 Ottawa Street/1385 Walker Road.

The proposed development is subject to site plan control, and the applicant has submitted a concurrent site plan control application (SPC-013/20).

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