1200 University Avenue West

Applicant: AIPL Canada Holdings Inc.
Agent: Dillon Consulting
File No: Z-009/20 [ZNG/6070] 

The applicant is requesting an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 to facilitate the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of a former industrial and commercial property known historically as the SW&A Street Railway storage and maintenance barns. The application requests a change from Commercial District 2.2 (CD2.2) to a site-specific CD2.2 zoning district that would permit the development of a new five-storey multiple dwelling building with 133 dwelling units and no street frontage. The requested site-specific zoning district would also permit:

  • A decrease in the minimum required gross floor area of 53 dwelling units from 40 m2 to 31 m2;
  • An increase in maximum building height from 14 m to 19 m;
  • A decrease in required amenity area from 12 m2 to 10 m2 per dwelling unit;
  • A decrease in minimum required parking spaces from 1.25 spaces to 1 space per dwelling unit;
  • 0 required visitor parking spaces; 
  • Required parking spaces on a property adjacent to the dwelling units they are intended to serve;
  • A decrease in required separation between a parking area and interior lot line from 0.9 m to 0 m and a parking area and a building wall containing a habitable room window from 4.5 m to 0 m; and
  • A decrease in the minimum required lane width within an access area from 3.5 m to 3 m.
The subject property is located on the north side of University Avenue West between Cameron Avenue and Elm Avenue. The area subject to the rezoning application is 0.94 hectares and is partially occupied by two vacant buildings, 855 m2 and 1,292 m2 in size. The property is designated ‘Mixed Use’ on Schedule D: Land Use within the City of Windsor Official Plan and is recognized as a cultural heritage resource listed on the Municipal Heritage Register.  The property is also the subject of an application for consent (File no. B-003/20) and Site Plan Approval (File no. SPC-036/19) under the Planning Act.

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