0 Russell Street

(Russell Street/Chippawa Street/Wilkinson Lane)

Applicant: 1998308 Ontario Inc. (Abdullah Kayali)
Agent: Pillon Abbs Inc., Tracey Pillon-Abbs, MCIP, RPP

File No: OPA 168 (OPA/6975) & Z-007/23 (ZNG/6974)

The applicant is requesting an amendment to Schedule D: Land Use in the City of Windsor Official Plan from Business Park to Residential and an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 from Manufacturing District 1.4 (MD1.4) & S.20(1)236 to Residential District 3.3 (RD3.3), S.20(1)236 and a new site-specific exception to allow the construction of a Multiple Dwelling with a maximum building height of 15 metres containing 28 dwelling units over four storeys. A total of four bicycle parking spaces and 35 parking spaces, including two accessible parking spaces, are proposed. The parking area is located along Russell Street with vehicular access from the same street. Two pedestrian entrances – one facing Russell Street, the other facing Wilkinson Lane – are proposed. Due to a change in elevation on the parcel, the first or ground floor of the building is at grade from Russell Street, and the second floor is at grade from Wilkinson Street.

While the applicant is proposing a multiple dwelling, they are also requesting to permit a Townhome Dwelling as an additional permitted use as an alternative development.

The parcel is designated Business Park on Schedule D in the Official Plan, zoned Manufacturing District 1.4 (MD1.4) by Zoning By-law 8600, has an area of 3,622 square metres, a frontage of 62.9 metres along Russell Street and Wilkinson Lane, 57.5 metres along Chippawa Street (Chippawa Street is the front lot line per Zoning By-law 8600), and is currently vacant.

The conceptual site plan is subject to change. The proposed development is subject to site plan control. A Plan of Condominium application may be submitted in the future.

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