Kinsmen Norman Road Park Redevelopment

Project Location:

Kinsmen Norman Road Park (Commonly known as Norman Road Park)
1730 Olive Road

Kinsmen Norman Road Park is a 2.36-acre open green space at the heart of Ward 8. This public neighbourhood park has been an open green space for the last few years.

Existing conditions aerial photograph

Existing Conditions Aerial Photograph

For most of the last number of years, this park has existed as a passive open space park. Future enhancement and development is planned for the park to become the high-standard neighbourhood park that serves city residents of all ages year round providing various outdoor activities.

Based on your feedback that was collected during our public consultation and survey held in April 2022, the City's Parks Development team has put forward the proposed concept plan shown below.

Proposed concept plan map, elements listed below

Proposed Concept Plan

  1. Multi-use accessible asphalt trail, 3.0 metres wide, 410 metres long
  2. Gazebo or shade sail structure
  3. Adult fitness station
  4. Full-size community soccer field
  5. Large open green space
  6. Existing trees to remain
  7. Old building will be demolished
  8. New benches
  9. Pedestrian solar LED lights
  10. Trash and recycle containers (green-blue silos)
  11. Wildflower pollinator "Flowering Planting Bed"
  12. New planted trees
  13. Existing fire hydrant

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Parks and Recreation
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Windsor, Ontario

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