Bradley Park Redevelopment

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As a result of high archeological potential, any work undertaken will be strictly monitored, and the City will follow all ministry regulations, processes and procedures, including having an archeologist on site during any required excavation.

Bradley Park History

Park Name: Bradley Park
Location: Between Peter Street and Cross Street, just south of Chippawa Street
Property acquired: 1943
Acreage: 2.62
Official designation: Neighbourhood Park

Bradley Park was first acquired in 1943. In 1972, the City purchased several lots on Peter and Baby Streets to expand the park, and a further expansion of additional lots on Baby Street was acquired in 1978.

In 1961, the Cross Street Playground was renamed in honour of Herbert Bradley, a former president of the Windsor Sandwich Conservation Association.

As part of the capital budget process, Bradley Park was identified in the 2006 capital budget for re-development. The Parks Department initiated the re-development process by hosting an open house on November 2, 2006, to engage and collect feedback from the community regarding improvements for the park. At the open house the City received questions and shared ideas as well as possible opportunities and constraints with respect to the redevelopment of the park. Participants were asked to fill out a brief survey regarding the park, amenities, problematic areas within the park, and, most importantly, what improvements they would like to see.

Following the meeting held in 2006, the Parks Department continued to collect information from 311 and various sources regarding the redevelopment and later consolidated all the information into a preliminary master plan that was presented at a second public meeting on June 13, 2007. Capital funds for improvements were limited at the time to accomplish the overall master plan; however, minor park improvements, including new fencing, tree trimming and park cleanup initiatives were undertaken. The existing washroom building was slated for removal; however, due to the City's interim Control By-law, it was left in place until permissions were granted to take it down. The building was eventually removed in February 2020. 

Bradley Park - Proposed Improvements

The Master Plan for Bradley Park shown below was developed in 2007/2008 through the City's neighbourhood park improvement process. The City Parks Department is requesting community feedback regarding the proposed plan, in particular, if you feel the improvements outlined in our Virtual Open House Story Boards are reflective of current community needs.

Bradley Park conceptual master plan map

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