Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFP)
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Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFP)

To report basement flooding, please call 311 or visit  

The City of Windsor makes improvements annually to the complex system of underground pipes, sewers and catch basins. However, these improvements alone cannot completely protect a home from basement flooding. With increasingly frequent and severe weather events related to climate change, it is essential that residents take the appropriate action to reduce the risk of basement flooding on their own private property.

What is the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program?

The City is offering residents a financial subsidy to install a sump pump with sump pump overflow and/or backwater valve(s) and/or disconnect foundation drains from the floor drain.

Visit our Flooding page for more information on how to reduce basement flooding. 

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program at a Glance:

  • Subsidies for eligible work are subject to available funding and provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Maximum Eligible Subsidy Limit is $2,800 per Home/Unit:
    • Install backwater valve(s) (licensed plumber required) - Up to 100 percent of cost, ($1,000 maximum)
    • Install sump pump with sump pump overflow and disconnect floor drains - Up to 100 percent of cost, ($1,750 maximum)
    • Install only sump pump overflow to discharge outside to surface (applies to existing sump pumps only) - Up to 100 percent of cost, ($300 maximum)
    • Install backwater valve and sump pump with sump pump overflow - Up to 100 percent of cost, ($2,800 maximum)
    • Disconnect foundation drains from floor drain and/or dye testing and camera work as required - Up to 100 percent of cost, ($400 maximum)
  • What this program does not cover:
    • The replacement of an existing sump pump
    • The upgrade of a sump pump
    • The addition of another sump pump
    • A back-up sump-pump
    • Work performed for which a permit cannot be obtained
    • Supply and installation of electro-pneumatic backwater valve
    • The replacement of a back-up valve (except cast-iron would qualify)

Subsidy Requirements

  • All eligible basement flooding protection work must be performed by a contractor/licensed plumber of master plumber. The plumber or master plumber should be able to present a current City of Windsor Licence. If you have any concerns about whether or not the plumber is licensed, please contact the City's Licensing Department at (519) 255-6200.
  • If a backwater valve is installed by a contractor, a licensed plumber must certify its installation.
  • If a sump pump is installed, please ensure the disconnection and capping of leads from the foundation drains to the floor drains.
  • Any work performed by the homeowner themselves does not qualify for subsidy.
  • Disputes with respect to qualifying work will be resolved by the City Engineer and/or the Chief Building Official or their designate.
  • The contractor must use material or fittings that are approved by the Ontario Building Code.
  • A building plumbing permit and an approved final inspection must be obtained for backwater valve and sump pump installations.
  • The contractor must obtain the permit within one year of receiving City of Windsor Inspector approval to proceed with eligible work under the program.

Fast Track Option

The City offers applicants the option to "fast track" their subsidy applications. The fast track option still requires an application to be submitted prior to beginning the work, however, applicants will not have to wait for the courtesy inspection to be performed before having a plumbing contractor perform the work. However, due to the fact that a final determination of eligibility of the work performed does not occur until after the City of Windsor Building Inspector has performed the final inspection on the Building/Plumbing Permit, there is some risk to the property owner that they may not be entitled to receive a subsidy payment.  Prior to doing the work, the plumbing contractor is required to perform a pre-conditions assessment.

See more information on the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program.


Apply for the program by submitting an online Application Form, or if you have a paper copy, you can mail it to:

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program
Engineering - Development and Right-of-Way
350 City Hall Square West, Suite 210
Windsor, Ontario N9A 6S1 

Office of the City Engineer
350 City Hall Square West, Suite 210
Windsor, Ontario
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: For general information, call 311.  For additional inquiries, call (519) 255-6257.

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