2016 Point In Time and 20,000 Home Campaign
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2016 Point In Time and 20,000 Home Campaign

In July 2015, Employment and Social Development Canada encouraged designated Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HSP) communities to conduct a nationally coordinated Point in Time Count in early 2016. It is believed that if communities across Canada were to use a similar methodology and conduct Point in Time Counts around the same time of the year, a national picture of homelessness could emerge, creating a benchmark against progress in reducing homelessness that can be followed over time.

In April 2016, the City of Windsor in collaboration with the Homeless Coalition of Windsor Essex County coordinated its first local Point in Time Count and 20,000 Homes Campaign Registry Week enumeration initiatives. The report provided at the link below outlines the final results of that initiative.

The next count is scheduled for April 2018.

Phone:  For general information, call 311,  For detailed information, call 519-255-5200 ext. 6240.
Fax:  519-256-7107


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