JMCC Parking Lot

JMCC Parking Lot at Malden Park

Why was the Parking Lot Closed?

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) ordered the City of Windsor to close the John McGivney Children's Centre (JMCC) parking lot on Friday, November 6th, 2015 as methane gas was detected within gas monitoring wells located in the parking lot. The parking lot is actually constructed on a closed landfill. The parking lot has reopened.

What is methane?

Methane gas is a natural by-product of the decomposition of organic material buried in landfills. Methane is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas. Methane gas is lighter than air and when open to the natural environment will disperse quickly. However, methane is combustible, and mixtures of about 5 to 15 percent in air are explosive.

What has the City of Windsor done to remedy the issue?

The City of Windsor has been working with the MOECC since 2011 to determine the best course of action to mitigate the concerns with methane under the parking lot. In 2012, the City of Windsor installed a gas barrier along the south side of the parking lot to prevent methane generated from the large waste deposts at the former landfill from moving northerly. The installation of this barrier was approved by the MOECC.

Since the installation of the barrier the City of Windsor has continued to monitor methane concentrations around and in the parking lot. No methane has been detected in any of the monitoring wells located on the John McGiveny Centre property line.

The City of Windsor also installed a continuous methane monitor within the John McGiveny building. Methane has not been detected in the building.

In December, The City of Windsor submitted a report assessing the risk to the users of the JMCC parking lot. Based on this assessment the MOECC has allowed the City of Windsor to reopen the parking lot.

The City of Windsor will continue to monitor the conditions in the parking lot, along the property boundary and within the building.

What are the current conditions?

The parking lot and building continue to be monitored routinely. The results of the Methane Readings are provided for your information. Monitoring locations can be found on this map of the JMCC Parking Lot.

Contact Information:

Paul Drca or Karina Richters at 519-253-7217.