Corporate Energy Initiative
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Corporate Energy Initiative

Ontario Regulation 397/11

Ontario Regulation 397/11 requires municipalities and the broader public sector including universities, colleges, schools and hospitals to develop, implement and make available to the public energy conservation and demand management plans, including annual energy consumption beginning with 2011 data

Ontario Regulation 397/11 is composed of the following two reporting requirements:

  1. Report annually on energy use and green house gas emissions (GHG). The first report is due July 1, 2013 using 2011 data and subsequent annual data will be due on July 1st for all future reporting years.  This data is to be posted online with the Ministry of Energy and locally on the municipality’s corporate website.
  2. Develop and implement a five (5) year energy conservation plan, which is to be approved by City Council.  Energy conservation plans are due on July 1, 2014 and are to be posted online with Ministry of Energy and locally on the municipality’s corporate website.

The information provided represents 2011 and 2012 energy consumption data for facilities and buildings owned by the Corporation of the City of Windsor.  This information is part of the reporting requirements under the Green Energy Act, 2009, specifically Ontario Regulation 397/11.

Available Formats:

Corporate Energy Management Plan 2014 – 2018

This Energy Management Plan (EMP) is prepared in compliance with Ontario Regulation 397/11 of The Green Energy Act 2009.

Energy conservation and strategic management of energy usage are critical steps in contributing to reducing the effects of Greenhouse Gas emissions on the environment, ensuring a reliable energy supply and securing a sustainable community.

The Corporate Energy Management Plan contained herein supports both the Community Strategic Plana and the Corporate Strategic Action Plan, Environment Pillar – “Our Environment Clean and Efficient”.  It is also aligned with the Municipal Environmental Master Plan, Goal D – “Use Resources Efficiently: To increase resource efficiency, conserve water and energy and reduce waste”.

The purpose of the EMP is to create a flexible living document that sets goals, strategies and initiatives to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

While Ontario Regulation 397/11 requires the EMP to be updated at the end of the five-year period (2014 – 2018), Administration will be providing City Council with annual updates commencing July 2015.

For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, contact Sergio Grando at