Goal C: Green Windsor
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Goal C: Green Windsor

Ojibway ParkTo protect and enhance the City's Greenway System

The City of Windsor is located within the Carolinian forest zone, which offers a great diversity of plant and wildlife, much of which is not found anywhere else in Canada.  This area is also home to more endangered or threatened species than any other life zone in Canada, including the eastern fox snake, eastern massasauga rattlesnake, and the eastern spiny soft-shelled turtle.  The Carolinian zone occupies only one percent of Canada's land area but is home to more than 25 percent of the population, making the Carolinian zone one of the most threatened ecological regions in Canada.

Fortunately, the City of Windsor has maintained some of these unique ecological natural areas including Peche Island Natural Park; the Carolinian Oak Stand in Memorial Park; the Ojibway Tall Grass Prairie Complex which includes Ojibway Park, Joy Woods, Black Oak Heritage Park, and Tall Grass Prairie Park, and the Spring Garden Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. 

The term "Greenway System" is used in the Official Plan as a term to define "a planned network of natural environment and recreational elements." For the purposes of the Environmental Master Plan this term includes community and regional parks, recreation ways, natural heritage sites, waterfront recreation areas, street trees, urban forest and other greenspaces and green infrastructure.

As Windsor and the surrounding areas grow, it will be important to improve the Greenway System by strengthening existing linkages and creating new ones.  The benefits of achieving improved connectivity include:

  • Increased opportunities for biodiversity
  • Provision of a mix of habitants that are needed for certain species
  • Pollution abatement
  • Safe recreation areas

Key Indicators

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