Goal B: Create Healthy Communities
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Goal B: Create Healthy Communities 

Windsor riverfront pathTo enhance the environment of our neighbourhoods by fostering healthy lifestyles and integrating environmentally friendly transportation systems.
The quality of life of the residents of Windsor is directly affected by the state of our environment and the opportunities provided by the City of Windsor.  The scale of our neighbourhoods, the services and amenities offered, the accessibility of infrastructure for walking and biking and the availability of public transit are all important aspects of an urban centre. These features allow residents to become more environmentally friendly by providing options for consideration and eliminating barriers that otherwise restrict people from becoming more involved.
To help the City of Windsor achieve the goal of creating a healthy community, six objectives were developed:
  1. Support the City's Transit Master Plan to reduce the dependence on automobiles by increasing transit use and sustainable transportation
  2. Develop, expand and maintain a contiguous network of safe bicycle and walking facilities
  3. Investigate alternatives to "green" the City's fleet
  4. Incorporate sustainable development practices in the design of neighbourhoods, homes and businesses
  5. Develop collaborative approaches with other governments to manage regional growth
  6. Support environmental health initiatives

The Environmental Master Plan supports the Land Use preamble of the City's current Official Plan:

  • "... Council will manage development through an approach which balances environmental, social and economic considerations.  As such, the Land Use chapter of this plan promotes a compact urban form and directs compatible development to appropriate locations within existing and future neighbourhoods."

Key Indicators:

For more information on Environmental Initiatives

  • Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-253-7111 ext.3226 
  • Email: emp@citywindsor.ca