Environmental Master Plan Background
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Environmental Master Plan Background

The City of Windsor serves over 210,000 residents and operates numerous facilities.  The State of the Environment has become a priority for many Canadians.  For example, an Ipsos-Reid Study conducted in November 2006 showed that for the first time since 1990, the environment was the top issue for many Canadians (26 percent) ahead of issues such as healthcare/medicare (24 percent).

Night view of Windsor skylineThe decisions and actions of the City of Windsor affect the entire community and have a direct impact on the environment.  In 2005, The City of Windsor decided to develop an Environmental Master Plan (EMP) to lead by example.

Environmental Attitudes Survey

In September 2005, the City of Windsor decided to undertake an Environmental Attitudes Survey.  The purpose of the survey was to ensure that the concerns of the residents were included in the Environmental Master Plan

To attain statistically defensible results and to reach out to residents who might not otherwise participate in public consultation events, the survey included 504 telephone surveys, as well as public open houses. 

The findings of the survey were used to develop the goals of the Environmental Master Plan.

See the complete Environmental Attitudes Survey.

Environmental Master Plan

The purpose of the EMP is to set out a series of potential actions for the municipality to take, over the short and long term, to improve the City's environment.  Most of the actions suggested in the EMP are related to the Corporation of the City of Windsor's activities and operations.  The EMP was developed to focus on the City's operations so that the City of Windsor may lead by example for residents, industry and stakeholders.

The EMP is directly linked to the Community Strategic Plan and other Master Planning documents and provides a framework for the City's environmental decisions.  The strategic direction for the EMP reflects the sentiments described above and reads:

  • "The City of Windsor is committed to being a leader through its daily actions and services to enhance the environment for present and future generations."

The EMP was developed with extensive input from residents and stakeholders who are interested in and concerned about Windsor's environmental future. 

The five goals of the EMP are:

See the complete Environmental Master Plan

The City of Windsor's ROSE

The ROSE (Report on the State of our Environment) provides a snapshot of environmental conditions in the City of Windsor for the year 2013. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada defines reporting on the state of the environment as a way to provide "easily understood overviews of important environmental issues with more in-depth interpretation and extensive data presentation." A report on the State of the Environment is a document that tracks changes in key environmental indicators over time.

It is important for the City of Windsor to track changes in environmental indicators over time to assess how successfully and how quickly it is moving towards its sustainability goals and to determine whether the targets in the EMP are being met, or if they need to be adjusted based on progression (or regression).

The development of Windsor's ROSE website will allow for indicators to be updated as information becomes available.  The website will also aim to provide updated information to the public on what the City of Windsor is doing and how the individual citizen can help in achieving our goals.

For more information on Environmental Initiatives
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