Jackson Park Greenhouse Complex

The project involved the design and construction of a new greenhouse complex at Jackson Park based on the study titled, "Proposed Relocation/Construction of Lanspeary Park Greenhouse Feasibility Study" (the Feasibility Study), option 2, prepared by Glos Associates Inc. and dated September 10, 2018. The new facility accommodates approximately 22,000 square feet of greenhouse space, plus staff facilities, indoor and outdoor storage space, and site services.

Replacement of Diamonds

As the placement of the new greenhouses at Jackson Park resulted in the loss of a community baseball diamond, this project will relocate and upgrade the baseball diamond to a new site where the facilities are in need. Parks Department will conduct public consultations, complete a study, and administer the installation of the new diamond.

Demolition of Lanspeary Park Greenhouses

This portion of construction involves the demolition of the existing greenhouse structure and ancillary buildings at Lanspeary Park. Heritage elements will be identified. The final use of the space would be subject to public consultation, and a master plan would be developed for the entirety of Lanspeary Park, which is outside the scope of this project.

Consultant: Glos Associates Inc.

Contractor: Matassa Inc.

Status: Substantially Performed and Operational July 29, 2022​

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