Intersection Control Features
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Intersection Control Features

  • Each signalized intersection has full upload and download capabilities from the central office as a feature of the system. Intersections change timing plans on a time-of-day basis, as well as concurrently operating under Critical Intersection Control (traffic adaptive control) and under Traffic Responsive Control. Operating under these three forms of control concurrently provides a means of maintaining signal coordination between intersections, while responding and adapting to ever-changing traffic patterns throughout the day.
  • Currently, 286 intersections operate within the boundaries of the City of Windsor. 
  • Traffic Operations has been implementing new technology such as Red, Amber and Green LED sections (since 1994), Walk and Don't Walk LED sections, pedestrian LED signals with countdown indicators and illuminated pedestrian push buttons as a means of reducing maintenance costs/requirements and increasing operations to the public.
  • Congestion management features have been added to deal with over-saturated traffic conditions.
  • Pedestrian walk extension times are now implemented at various high pedestrian locations by a time-of-day function. 
  • To request the timings for the traffic signals of a specific intersection a written request must be sent to the Manager of the Traffic Operations Division at 1269 Mercer St.

Traffic Operations Division
1269 Mercer Street
Windsor, Ontario
N8X 3P4
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call (519) 255-6293.