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Computerized Signal System

The Computerized Traffic Signal System employs a "distributed" system design, by implementing intelligent units at all on-street locations and a Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) at the Traffic Operations Centre. This design provides a means of backup support should any component of the system fail, and also provides a continuously operating system to the motoring public.

The Kadence adaptive traffic module will be implemented to adjust timings when unexpected traffic conditions arise.

System Information

System Benefits:

  1. Reduction in stop and delay time
  2. Reduction in overall trip times
  3. Reduction in fuel consumption, vehicle emissions and maintenance costs
  4. Emergency vehicle priority pre-emption operation reduces response times

System Capacity:

  1. 10,000 intersections
  2. 50,000 system detectors
  3. 100 traffic control sections, changeable by time of day
  4. 50 timing plan programs available per intersection, 20 time of day plan changes
  5. 64 detectors available per intersection

Traffic Signal System Upgrades in 2020 are funded ($230,000) in part by:

Investing in Canada - Investir dans le Canada

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