Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program Grant

See the Ministry of Transportation media release and full list of recipients.

Council endorsed submitting the following list of projects. The Ministry will identify which projects in the below listing they will add to an approved project list. The City of Windsor will then be able to select projects to be implemented from the approved list. Projects will be selected to maximize the grant dollars allocated.

Project Name  

Project Description

1.      Dougall Rail Overpass - Multi-use Trail Tunnel

Dougall Avenue passes under the CN Rail. The Central Box E.A. recommended a tunnel to accommodate the cyclists and pedestrians through this constrained section.

2.      North Service Road cycling infrastructure

Bike Lanes between Elsmere Avenue and Conservation Drive
Multi-use Trail along the south Side Conservation Drive to Turner Road

3.      Ojibway Parkway cycling infrastructure

Multi-use trail extension to the City Limit (Weaver Road to Morton Drive)

4.      Sandwich Street Roundabout -
closing the cycling network Gap

Multi-use trail - Riverside Drive (roundabout to Huron Church Road

Bike Lanes/sharrows  - Riverside Drive (Vista Place to Huron Church Road)

Bike Lanes – University Avenue West (roundabout to Huron Church Road)

5.      Pillette Road cycling infrastructure

Bike Lanes between Tecumseh Road East and South National Street

6.      Seminole Street cycling infrastructure

Bike Lanes between Pillette Road and St. Luke Road

7.      Northwood St.eet cycling infrastructure

Bike Lanes between Mark Avenue to McKay Avenue

Sharrows from McKay Avenue to Longfellow Avenue

8.      Rivard Avenue cycling infrastructure

Bike Lanes from Adstoll Avenue to Haig Avenue

Sharrows from Haig Avenue to Queen Elizabeth Drive

9.      Cycling Network Connection for Herb Gray Parkway Trail Network to Gordie Howe International Bridge

The west limits of the Herb Gray Parkway Trail Network terminate at Malden Road. Opportunities to connect these cycling facilities to the plaza for the Gordie Howe International Bridge involve developing cycling facilities and way finding signage on municipal streets.

10.  McDougall Street cycling facilities

Giles Boulevard East to University Avenue East

11.  California Avenue cycling facilities

Wyandotte Street West to Totten Street

12.   Rhodes Drive

Deziel Drive at approximately Mannheim Way to Rhodes Drive at Jefferson Boulevard.

13.   EC Row Expressway Underpass

Connection between Derwent Park and Twin Oaks