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Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. (open to the public)
We are also open for rentals, programs and classes beyond our regular hours.

The understated elegance and traditional ambiance of Mackenzie Hall create a flexible setting for elegant receptions or stimulating arts and cultural events.

The staff at Mackenzie Hall are flexible, creative and customer friendly; dedicated to assisting clients to enjoy success in their event. Several rooms are available to suit your specific needs. See the Cultural Rentals link for audio visual resources we can accommodate.

Below on this page, please view photos and specific information about each room available for rent at Mackenzie Hall. Scroll down and have a look at some of the amenities, uses and configurations available with our rentals.

Catering at Mackenzie Hall

Place settings in preparation for a receptionWhether you are looking for an elegant wedding reception, or a catered lunch for your conference, renting here offers several excellent options. There is no exclusive catering contract.

There are some requirements users and caterers need to meet for everyone’s protection:

  1. $2 million public liability insurance certificate
  2. WSIB certificate
  3. WECHU approval of preparation premises
  4. Compliance with Municipal Alcohol Policy
  5. Smart Serve certified alcohol service
  6. Proper LCBO licensing procedure Special Occasion Permit (event host involvement)
  7. Alcohol rentals require insurance coverage by the user (can be provided through rental agreement)

The following caterers have these requirements in place, but you are not confined to using them:

The Barrel House Draught Co. & Grill, 519-977-5334 - Aron Godfrey​

Koolini’s, (519) 254-KOOL (5665),

Protenders, (519) 567-7537 – Chris Mickle

The Other Place, (519-569-6011) – Darren Trinca,

University of Windsor (519) 253- 3000 ext. 3277 – Lee Aria

Executive Class (519) 969-5860 ext. 229 – Wendy Holland,

St Clair Centre for the Arts (519) 252-8311 ext. 4786 – Rosita Blackman Smith,​

Collage of performances in the auditorium

Court Auditorium

The Court Auditorium is the former courtroom on the second floor of Mackenzie Hall. It has twenty-foot ceilings, hardwood flooring, a tech booth with lighting and sound equipment, a Yamaha Grand Piano, portable staging as well as a portable black velvet curtain system (20' maximum height, and a running length of 8' to 80').

A dressing room adjoins, with several makeup mirrors and semi-private washrooms, accessible from the Auditorium and the second floor lobby.

The Court Auditorium is often rented for wedding receptions, concerts, theatre productions, conferences, displays and presentations, large meetings, piano recitals, dance classes, and showcase events.

Dimensions: 39' X 54'
Dinner Capacity: 135 seated at round tables
Dinner Theatre Capacity: 120 (with stage)
Theatre Style Capacity: 200 (with stage)
Stand up Capacity: 250
View of Court Annex mirros

Court Annex

The Court Annex is located on the second floor, directly across from the Court Auditorium. It is equipped with mirrors - as it was formerly a dance studio, and it also has a sink and cupboards. It is rented for fitness classes, meetings, and other events.

Dimensions: 21' X 31' with additional alcove
Dinner Capacity: 40 seated at round tables
Theatre Style or Standing Capacity: 55 Mirrors on two walls
Collage of gazebo and hillside


Our Victorian Gazebo is located in the park adjacent to Mackenzie Hall. Beautifully landscaped with flowers and mature trees, the Gazebo is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies in the warm weather months.

The area can be accessed from Sandwich Street, from the Mackenzie Hall parking lot, and also from a rear exit from inside the building. A rain alternate room is reserved at the time of booking.

The Gazebo is equipped with electrical outlets and an amphitheatre seating area, and can also be used for musical events, readings or other presentations.

Collage of Macdonald Room spaces

Macdonald Room

The Bruce J.S. Macdonald Room is Mackenzie Hall's heritage interpretation room. It was originally the Sherriff's Office and Judge's Chambers when Mackenzie Hall was the gaol and courthouse for the area.


It contains 1892 blond oak furniture originally in the former courtroom until the building was vacated in the early 1960's. Included in this collection is the judge's bench, courtroom railings, the court clerk's desk and a barrister's table.

The Macdonald Room also contains display cases with documents and artefacts from the earliest days of Sandwich, as well as articles from some of the famous trials that took place at Mackenzie Hall. It also has a sculpture of Judge Macdonald by artist Dan Bowles.

The Macdonald Room offers a rich, warm setting for seminars, meetings, lectures, presentations, tribunals and other events.

Dimensions: 20' X 40' with additional alcove
Theatre Style or Stand up Capacity: 55

Main gallery wood floor

Main Gallery

The Main Gallery has many uses: dance studio, dining area, meeting room, performance space for music and theatre. It is also a popular choice for smaller wedding ceremonies or receptions. It has lovely blonde hardwood flooring with high ceilings. It is located on the main floor near the front desk and public entrance to Mackenzie Hall.

It is also equipped with picture hanging rails for art exhibitions and can be utilized in conjunction with McLean Hall for cocktail receptions. Track lighting in the room is dimmable and can be utilized for lighting art exhibits, studio theatre, intimate dining experiences or performances.

Dimensions: 28' X 33'
Dinner Capacity: 50 seated at round tables
Theatre Style or Stand up Capacity: 90

Reception in McLean Hall

McLean Hall

Named after Evelyn McLean, who founded the Friends of the Court and helped ensure that Mackenzie Hall was not demolished, McLean Hall is a versatile space. It has distinctive architectural features including a daisy fanlight. It is also equipped with picture hanging rails for displaying art, and is suitable for cocktail style receptions.

Room Dimensions: 15' X 40'
Dinner Capacity: 32 seated at tables
Theatre Style or Standing Capacity: 66

Sun Room meeting table

Sun Room

The Sun Room is located to the left of the public entrance to Mackenzie Hall. Bathed in rich sunlight in the afternoon, it is an excellent room for small meetings or mediation. It has dimmable lighting and warm amber coloured floors and can be set up in a number of useful ways for intimate meetings and discussion.

It is equipped with a large kitchen sink, and also can be utilized separately or in conjunction with the Snyder Room.

It can be used as a staging area for food and refreshment service.

Dimensions: 16' X 18'
Capacity: 16 at tables

Art exhibits in the Barbara and Don Snyder Room

Barbara and Don Snyder Room

The Snyder Room is a multi-use rectangular room which is suitable for meetings, presentations, small concerts, dinners and art exhibits. It is often utilized for classes and programs.

It is equipped with dimmable track lighting, and has a discrete storage area at one end of the room. The Snyder Room can also be utilized in conjunction with the Sun Room.

Dimensions: 19' X 33'
Dinner Capacity: 40 seated at tables
Theatre or Stand up Capacity: 55

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