Sculpture Park
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Anne - Leo Mol

Artist: Leo Mol 
Bronze with selected patina
4' high
Leo Mol has devoted a great deal of his creative energy to life-sized
figures of young women. His vast work in this genre has been...

Apatosaurus and Triceratops

Take a walk through the Odette Sculpture Park and you may think you have
stepped back in time. 150 million years back in time to be exact. Two
prehistoric additions have made their home in Amb...

Audio Corridor - Ian Lazarus

Artist: Ian Lazarus 
Stainless steel
20'6" long
The intent of this work is to create a dynamic interaction between the
sculpture, its setting or site, and the viewer who engages i...

Bell Measure - Stephen Cruise

Artist: Stephen Cruise
Bronze and wood
7 ' 2" wide x 14' high
Stephen Cruise's Bell Measure is actually two pieces combined into one.
The Bell of the title recalls the importance...

Business Man on a Horse - William McElcheran

Artist: William McElcheran
9' high
In Business Man on a Horse, William McElcheran
presented us with the now famous figure of his befuddled businessman awkwardly
seated on hi...

Chicken and Egg - Morton Katz

Artist: Morton Katz
Chicken: Painted Steel Industrial Chain
18' x 1-1/2' x 12'
Egg: White Marble
3'6" long, 1'6" diameter
Morton Katz's whimsical Chicken and Egg continue...

Claim Post - Scott McKay

Artist: Scott McKay
London sculptor Scott McKay has staked his claim in
Windsor's riverfront parks with the addition of his 10-foot steel sculpture,
Claim Post - the 41...

Composition with Five Elements - Haydn Davies

Artist: Haydn Davies 
Painted Aluminum
8' high.
Composition with Five Elements develope​d from a
maquette entitled Cromlech.
The original title is derived from the cromlechs

Consolation - Joe Rosenthal

Artist: Joe Rosenthal
5' high
In Joe Rosenthal's art, the human figure is presented with impressive
weight. The solid rounded shapes of Consolation display a substantial inner

Consophia - Ian Lazarus

Artist: Ian Lazarus
Painted steel with stainless steel chain
18' high
The sculpture symbolically reflects communication
across borders - standing as it does on the international border...

Cordella - Maryon Kantaroff

Artist: Maryon Kantaroff
5' high
"I think I was asking, where do we all come
from?" In Cordella we see Kantaroff's attention shifting to a
universal fascination...

Dancing Bear - Pauta Saila

Artist:Pauta Saila (1916-2009)
Bronze with selected patina
8' high
The massive arctic polar bear, distilled to the base elements of its raw
strength and intricate balance, is Pauta Sai...

Eve's Apple - Edwina Sandys

Artist: Edwina Sandys
Painted steel
12'4" high
Eve's Apple displays Edwina Sandys continued interest
in positive and negative space. This very feminine hand with its polished

Flying Men - Dame Elisabeth Frink

Artist:Dame Elisabeth Frink
Bronze with selected patina
8' high
In Elisabeth Frink's sculpture, the viewer is
presented with art in its most essential form. Stripped of any ornament or...

Ground to Ask the Sky - Royden Mills

Artist: Royden Mills
Welded steel
7'5" x 14' x 10'
The sculpture, Ground to Ask the Sky, was previously
on display at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Ground to Ask T...


The word Inukshuk means "in the image of man" and represents safety and
nourishment, trust and reassurance. The Inukshuk guided Inuit peoples across
the frozen tundra and gave them h...

King and Queen - Sorel Etrog

Artist: Sorel Etrog
Painted steel
10' high
In many ways the addition of Sorel Etrog's The
King and Queen to the Odette Sculpture Park marks a true moment of

Morning Flight - Gerald Gladstone

Artist: Gerald Gladstone
Plate steel
19'6" high

Gerald Gladstone's geometric sculpture
presents a striking model of interdependence. In Morning Flight we are
presented wi...

Obelisk - Sigmund Reszetnik

Artist: Sigmund Reszetnik
Painted Steel
15'7" x 5' x 3'8"
Sigmund Reszetnik's blue "S" shaped rendition of the traditional obelisk
stands over 15 feet tall and 5 fe...

Penguins on a Waterfall - Yolanda Vandergaast

Artist: Yolanda Vandergaast
Painted Aluminium
3' tall
The most regal of all penguins, the Emperor penguins
in the Odette Sculpture Park stand erect overlooking the Detroit River.

Racing Horses - Derrick Stephan Hudson

Artist: Derrick Stephan Hudson
4 figures
Racing Horses features four bronze horses sculpted by
Derrick Stephen Hudson. The angle of the horses' heads and the

Rinterzo - Joseph DeAngelis

Artist: Joseph DeAngelis
Reflection pool with coloured terrazzo spheres
16' wide x 28' long.
Named with the Italian word for a billiard shot and
interactive in almost every element, Ri...

Salutation - Ralph Hicks

Artist: Ralph Hicks
Stainless steel
8' high
Ralph Hicks likes to create what he calls
"figures with attitudes". In Salutation, an attitude of respectful
courtesy is conve...

Space Plough 2 - Sorel Etrog

Artist: Sorel Etrog
Painted steel
17' wide x 8' high
Space Plough II provides another representation of Sorel Etrog's famous
fascination with the industrial themes of the twentieth cen...

Tembo - Derrick Stephan Hudson

Artist: Derrick Stephan Hudson
Mother elephant 9'1" high by 16' long
Two babies 2 '3" high by 4' wide
Tembo, a family of elephants, has been christened with the Swahil...

The Columns - Ronald Zerafa

Artist: Ronald Zerafa
Poured concrete
30' high
The four entrance columns to our garden of sculptures
are reminiscent of Greek culture. Both elegant and impressive, they form a

The Garden - Maryon Kantaroff

Artist: Maryon Kantaroff
6' high
In The Garden, Kantaroff conveys her life-long
thematic interest in the relationship between woman and man. "It has
always been there f...

The Sisters and Sisters II - Morton Katz

Artist: Morton Katz
Black finished steel
9' high
The Sisters
(On display at Coventry Gardens) Morton's Katz's The Sisters
positions itself on the border between objective and subje...


A whimsical sculpture reflecting found object art, this piece features a
navigational buoy adorned with a bronze tiger head and claw feet.
Placed within the children's area in Assumption Park,...

Tohawah - Anne Harris

Artist: Anne Harris
Steel, polyethylene metallic finish
38' high, 10' base
In a very literal way, Anne Harris' sculpture
represents a "fusion" of untamed strength and precise...

Tower Song - Ted Bieler

Artist: Ted Bieler
Cast aluminium
25' high
Shapes that embody the gesture of a line drawn
freehand in space oscillate between the walls of a spiralling cruciform
obelisk. Interest...

Trees - Toni Putnam

Artist: Toni Putnam
Welded copper
Ranging from 4' to 7'5" high
"Creation is mysterious," says Toni Putnam.
"I thoroughly enjoy the interaction between what I think...

Union Six - Bruce Watson

Artist: Bruce Watson
4' high
In Watson's fluid sculpture the viewer is presented with evolving forms.
Rather than hold a static or concrete certainty, each piece seems to be in<...

Voyageur Canoe - Ralph Ireland

Artist: Ralph Ireland
26' long x 5' tall
This 2,000-pound relief, with its carved crew of
twelve, is a life-sized replica of the massive canoes that sailed the waters of