Consophia - Ian Lazarus
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Consophia - Ian Lazarus

Artist: Ian Lazarus
Painted steel with stainless steel chain
18' high

The sculpture symbolically reflects communication across borders - standing as it does on the international border between the United States and Canada.

Consophia refers to wisdom among friends. Linking this sculpture with the geometric syllabics of the Native Ojibway script, the sculptor presents a form that represents a sharing of ideas among equals. The English translations of the Ojibway writings on each side of the central beam are "sharing knowledge" and "inspired interaction." The inclusion of this ancient language further expands this sculpture's metaphor of communication across culture, location and time.

About Ian Lazarus

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1951, Ian Lazarus started his sculpture career in 1972 as a stone carver. He spent 11 years travelling, living and learning sculptural techniques in Mexico, California, Greece, Italy and Canada. As his sculptural language evolved, Lazarus moved from stone carving to a wider spectrum of materials and techniques. Ian Lazarus has had more than 30 exhibitions since 1977 ranging from the Instituto Nacional de Belles Artes in Mexico, to The Sculpture Court in Harbourfront, Toronto. His work has been displayed in The National Gallery of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the University of Moncton Gallery, New Brunswick, Butler House Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland and the Japan International Contemporary Art Fair in Yokohama.

Mr. Lazarus has been commissioned to create sculptures for government institutions, private corporations and galleries. His work is prized by both private and public collectors, including the National Gallery of Malaysia, the Town of Freshford in Kilkenny County, Ireland and the University of Windsor. He has received grants and awards from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture, and Recreation.

His website can be found at

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