Queen Victoria's 35th Birthday Mural
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Queen Victoria's 35th Birthday Mural

Location: Mackenzie Hall Park

Alexander Mackenzie – and Brother (contractors) Albert H. Jordan, Architect
The laying of the cornerstone for the 4th Courthouse to stand on this site. Dignitaries ~ Hon. Archibald Maclean (Judge) ~ Rev. E. H. Dewar ~ Warden S.S. McDonell ~ Sheriff Wm. Duperon Baby ~ Col. John Prince ~ Treasurer George Bullock ~ Judge J.A. Wilkinson ~ Clerk Charles Baby ~ Col. Arthur Rankin ~ Alexander Chewett (Judge) ~ John McEwan & Col. James Askin (Registrar).
View of 3rd Court House still standing (background). A reception was held in the Marquee with the Luker’s Band.

A Secret Garden

Anchor Memorial

Ancient Jesuit Pear Trees

Armillary Sphere Sundial

Blue Heron Lake Bridge

Boer War Monument

Cairn to Pipe Major J. Copland

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Century Rock

City Crests

City Hall Square Fountains

Copernicus Sundial

Crimean War Cannon

Dieppe Gardens Fountain

Dieppe Fountain

Dieppe Plaque

District Courthouse and Gaol Plaque

Eternal Flame

Fight for the Living

Fleming Channel Plaque

Floral Compass

Fred Burr Iris Garden

French Settlers Plaque


Greening of the Riverfront - Rotary International

Helen Goodwin Shelter

Herb Gray Plaque

Holodomor Monument

International Waterway Marker

Jackson Park Gates

Jesuit Mission to the Hurons Plaque

Jesuit Missionaries Cross

Knights of Columus Peace Monument

Land, Sea, and Air Monument

Lanspeary Park Bandstand

Lanspeary Park Gates

Little River Cleanup Plaque

Little River Corridor Bridges

Little River Corridor Bridges 100th Anniversary Plaque

Masonic Memorial

Matthew Rodzik Park Fountain

Matthew Rodzik Park Gates

Memorial Cenotaph

Mic Mac Park Gates

Noon Mark

Peace Fountain

Queen Elizabeth II Dedicated Tree

Queen Victoria Fountain

Queen Victoria's 35th Birthday Mural

RAF-RCAF Monument

Realtor Park Gates

Reaume Park Plaque

Robert Burns Statue

Rotary International and Ganatchio Park Plaques

Rotary Monument

Silver Cross Monument

Soroptimists Garden

Spirit of Windsor Engine 5588

Srebrenica Monument

The Essex County War Memorial

The Great Western Railway - Plaque

The Right Honourable Paul Martin Gardens

The Sandwich Windmill

The Siege of Detroit Plaque

Totem Pole

Tower of Freedom

Warren P. Bolton Memorial Rose Garden

William Dummer Powell Plaque

Willistead Manor Plaque

Willistead Manor Porch

World War 2 Air Force