Stories of Sandwich
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Vintage photo of Old Sandwich Town

Stories of Sandwich

Be a part of history...  

Sandwich Town is getting a grand new entrance as the City of Windsor moves forward with the creation and installation of an arch over Sandwich Street at the eastern entrance to one of Windsor’s most historic neighbourhoods. This project will include 14 Stories of Sandwich on plaques at the limestone bases of the arch. These stories are intended to share some of the many heritage stories that have contributed to the fabric of what Sandwich Town is today.

We are seeking Stories of Sandwich submissions that tell of the historic events, people, architecture and sites located within Sandwich Town.

This arch is a part of the Legacy Projects under the Celebrating 2017 Initiative marking our city’s 125th anniversary of incorporation, and the 150th anniversary of Ontario and Canada. Once complete, the arch will complement the stunning new sculpture and monument to Chief Tecumseh and General Brock that will be located in a new roundabout where Sandwich Street merges with University Avenue.

Stories of Sandwich Submission Requirements 

  • Name of the historic event, person, architecture or site
  • 250 to 300 word outline of why you believe the event, person, architecture or site is important to the history of Sandwich Town, and why this submission should be included as part of the 14 Stories of Sandwich
  • 1 to 2 Photographs (optional; if they are available) to accompany submission
  • Contact Information for City of Windsor staff to reach out if there are any questions pertaining to your submission

Stories of Sandwich Submission Information 

  • Submissions must be from Windsor residents.
  • Submissions must be completed in full, including the 250 to 300 word outline.
  • Submissions may be made in more than one category; please complete a separate form for each new category submission.
  • The deadline for submissions is: Friday, December 15, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.
  • Submissions will be researched to verify the accuracy / authenticity of the information.
  • A shortlist of topics / categories will be voted on through a public process (including an online vote).
  • The Project Committee will make recommendations to the Heritage Committee and City Council for approval; all decisions are final; not subject to a review or appeal.
  • Final selected submissions will be prepared (text, photographs, etc.) by City staff.
  • Final plaques will not include the names of those who submitted selected stories.

How to submit your Stories of Sandwich