Legacy Projects
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Willistead Manor Exterior, 2016

Legacy Projects

The City of Windsor has some exciting new legacy projects underway in 2017 that will dramatically change the landscape of our City. While many of these are not directly linked to our heritage milestone celebrations in 2017, they are an important part of our community's story today, and well into the future.  

Improvement of Accessibility on the Dieppe River Walk

Generous funding from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario will allow for upgrades and accessibility enhancements on the Dieppe River Walk - constructed in 1959 along the Detroit River. The Detroit River is the only internationally designated heritage waterway, so named for the key role the river played in European exploration and settlement in the region and its strategic importance during the War of 1812, which contributed to the development of the country. Canada's performance in WWII is a source of national pride, and Dieppe Park, the centre piece of the Central Waterfront, is named in honour of those who served.  

Improvement of Willistead Manor

Generous funding from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario will allow for additional work identified in the 2003 building condition assessment to be completed for the preservation and continued functionality of Windsor's historic Willistead Manor. This 36-room mansion sits within a 15-acre park. Built in 1906, the Manor was briefly the home of Edward Chandler Walker and his wife, Mary. Today, this cultural gem in the City of Windsor is a perfect location for weddings, receptions, meetings and other special events. The 2003 report made recommendations for repairs, restorations and/or upgrades to maintain the integrity of the buildings. Since 2003, additional repairs have been identified, and the proposed project includes, but is not limited to window restoration; masonry re-pointing and crack repairs; repair of stucco; replacement of various aged mechanical equipment, such as heat pumps, water heaters; replacement or upgrades to the electrical distribution system and lighting; replacement of deteriorating pavement at entrances; site drainage; accessibility improvements and parking lot maintenance.

Expansion of Gino and Liz Marcus Community Complex

Generous funding from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario will allow for the creation of a family change room at the Gino and Liz Marcus Community Complex - a neighbourhood community centre to improve accessibility to active living programs in the neighbourhood, which - in this case - also promotes acceptance of cultural diversity. Engaged, active and tolerant citizens help shape a bright future for Canada.

Expansion and Rehabilitation of Windsor LOOP Cycling Network Multi-Use Trail

Generous funding from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario will allow for completion of a project that includes separated bicycle lanes, cycle tracks, multi-use trail and sharrows at the Cabana Road cycling facilities, all of which forms 5.3km of the 12.4km (7.7miles) remaining gap in the 42.5km circular loop around the perimeter of the City of Windsor, known as The Windsor LOOP.

New City Hall Construction

Windsor's New City Hall is intended to be an efficient, practical, functional, customer-service-oriented facility. The layout will be designed to benefit the public and stakeholders for ease of use and customer service. Working closely with City administration and other stakeholders, award winning architects Moriyama & Teshima and Windsor's Architecttura Inc. took all the prerequisites (location, direction, size and height) and added in some environmental potential and a few economically responsible aesthetics to ensure this new building will be as beautiful as it will be practical and cost effective.

Hiram Walker Sculpture

Hiram Walker was one of Windsor's most significant contributors. He was head of a family with a name so deeply entrenched in Windsor that it touches on facets of architecture, history, industry, neighbourhoods and pop culture. He was a true early industrialist who built his distillery, Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. on the Windsor banks of the Detroit River. He created the world famous Canadian Club Whisky, and was a charitable man who donated money across the Windsor, Walkerville and Detroit areas. Mr. Walker established the neighbourhood that would become known as Walkerville and commissioned leading architects to construct impressive public and private buildings still visible today. He was involved, directly or indirectly, with a long list of regional assets that includes the Windsor Airport (formerly Walkerville Airport), Windsor Regional Metropolitan Hospital, Willistead Manor and a network of train lines throughout Southwestern Ontario. Artist/sculptor Mark Williams has designed, and is in the process of sculpting, an 8-foot bronze sculpture that is intended to be installed and unveiled in 2017 to commemorate this man's impact and influence on Windsor's history.

Chief Tecumseh and General Brock Sculpture

Artist/sculptor Mark Williams is hard at work completing large-scale bronze sculptures depicting Chief Tecumseh and General Brock to commemorate the War of 1812 and the Battle of Fort Detroit. When the project is complete and the statues are unveiled, Windsor will have two heroes of Canada – a First Nations chief and a British general, who came together – recreated in bronze and on display for the public for generations to come.

The Great Canadian Flag Project 

The Great Canadian Flag Project, originally founded in 2014, is an endowment fund managed by the Windsor Essex Community Foundation for the purpose of designing, erecting and providing funds for the maintenance of a Canadian flag and pole at the foot of Ouellette Avenue in Dieppe Gardens in Windsor, Ontario. Once complete, the proposed flag would measure 60 feet by 30 feet and attach to a flagpole rising 150 feet out of the ground. The organizing committed continues to work toward their goal of seeing the flag fly in 2017 as part of our community's heritage celebrations.

MasterCard Memorial Cup Remembrance Garden

The 2017 MasterCard Memorial Cup Host Organizing Committee launched its Memorial Cup Remembrance Garden legacy project with a tulip bulb planting at the WFCU Centre in 2016. A mix of red and white tulips, along with a special Canadian Celebration Bulb created for Canada’s 150th anniversary were planted at the roundabout on Mickey Renaud Way. The tulips will be in-bloom in time for the event in May of 2017. The tulips represent an appreciation for the Canadian-led liberation of the Netherlands, for which the Dutch gifted over 100,000 tulip bulbs to the citizens of Canada. They also symbolize the relationship between Canadian and Dutch forces, who fought together in Afghanistan.