City Twinning Policy

The "twin city" or "sister city" model is based on people-to-people relationships. Therefore, the following criteria should be met prior to any consideration for twinning:

  1. Request for twinning should be community driven, supported by a formal organized cultural/ethnic association and must demonstrate that a sustainable relationship can be maintained
  2. Legitimate and active organizational structure should exist in the related ethnic community to support twinning activities (i.e. hosting visiting delegations, providing translation services, conducting meetings/tours/receptions with their business community).
  3. The proposed twin city should demonstrate certain identifiable similarities or mutual interests with potential for reciprocal cultural, educational and economic benefits
  4. Details of proposal must be submitted in writing to the Mayor of Windsor, outlining a long-term plan and the community's responsibility for sustaining ongoing activities
  5. If recommended by the International Relations Committee and approved by council, a formal letter of interest is to be forwarded to the mayor of the proposed twin city.
  6. If the proposed twin city approves Windsor's proposal, a formal signing protocol will be arranged.
  7. The twinning charter can be dissolved upon the mutual agreement between the twin cities.

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