Candidate Request for Information

As a candidate running for a municipal office in the City of Windsor's 2020 Ward 7 By-Election, you may submit to the City Clerk a question or make a request for public information related to city hall business by completing Form EL33 - Candidate Request for Information found in your candidate's package,

Submissions by registered candidates will only be accepted via email to the election mailbox: or you may download Form EL33 and fax it to the Office of the City Clerk, 519-255-6868.

Q and A's: Questions asked by Candidates

Q: I have a question regarding using VISA to pay for campaign expenses and then paying the VISA through my campaign account. Is this possible?

AYes, this is permissible. On page 22 of the Ministry's 2018 Candidate's Guide, located in your candidate's package, it specifies in the 2nd paragraph under the heading "Expenses" that you can use a credit card for a purchase and documenting that the charge on the statement was paid for out of the campaign account.

Q: Does the City have the number of households in each ward?

A: The following chart provided by the City's Planning Department shows the number of households by ward in the City of Windsor.

Ward Households
​1 ​8,019
​2 ​9,604
​3 ​11,418
​4 ​11,223
​5 ​8,821
​6 ​11,346
​7 ​8,932
​8 ​8,206
​9 ​6,785
​10 ​6,965

Note: Number may not add up to City of Windsor total due to rounding.

Q: I would like information on the City of Windsor’s 20-year strategic vision?

A: See the City of Windsor's 20-Year Strategic Vision page.