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 Council Reports 2015

185 Ouellette Avenue - Encroachment Update.pdf9/8/2015
20 Year Strategic Vision - Current and City Councillor's Proposed Projects List.pdf9/8/2015
20 Year Strategic Vision - draft for consultation.pdf7/6/2015
2014 Annual Report - Building Permit Reserve Fund.PDF4/7/2015
2014 Investment Report.pdf3/23/2015
2014 Risk Management Report.PDF5/4/2015
2015 Agency Grant Payments.pdf1/5/2015
2015 BIA Budget Approval.pdf4/20/2015
2015 Business Improvement Area Rates.pdf6/1/2015
2015 Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority Operation Plan and Budget.pdf3/23/2015
2015 Operating Budget Addendum.pdf1/19/2015
2015 Request from Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) for a Contribution to their Water Rate Assistance Program (WRAP).pdf8/4/2015
2015 Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing I (Tender 37-15) and Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing II (Tender 38-15).pdf6/1/2015
2015 Sewer Surcharge Update.pdf1/19/2015
2015 Third Quarter Operating Budget Variance Report.pdf10/29/2015
2015-2017 Motorola Communication Systems Support Agreement.pdf7/20/2015
2016 Annual Temporary Borrowing.pdf12/7/2015
2016 Capital Budget 5 Year Plan.pdf12/21/2015
2016 Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority Operational Plan and Budget Enclosure.pdf12/21/2015
2016 Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority Operational Plan and Budget.pdf12/21/2015
2016 Interim Property Tax Billing By-Law.pdf12/7/2015
2016 Operating Budget Addendum Report.pdf12/21/2015
2016 PublicWorks Capital Budget Pre-Approval.pdf11/2/2015
2016 Schedule of Council and Standing Committee Meetings.pdf11/16/2015
2016 Sewer Surcharge Update.pdf12/21/2015
2017 Celebrations - City of Windsor's 125th Birthday and Canada's 150th Birthday.pdf12/21/2015
6th Concession Road North Talbot Road Environmental Assessment (EA) - Filing the Notice of Study Completion.pdf6/1/2015
780 Erie Street - Sidewalk Cafe Permit to include the use of an outdoor oven.pdf9/8/2015
A By-Law for the Repair and Improvement to the 10th Concession Drain.pdf7/6/2015
A By-Law to Authorize Special Charges - Clemenceau from Grand to Roosevelt.pdf9/8/2015
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