Certified Sites

Shovel digging into dirt

The Ontario's Investment Ready Certified Site Program can give you comprehensive and complete information about pre-qualified industrial properties that:

  • Are fully-serviced or readily serviceable as confirmed by the service provider (electricity, gas, waste, wastewater, telecommunications)
  • Are free of major development constraints
  • Have completed a certain level of due diligence including:
    • Environmental site assessments
    • Archaeological assessment
    • Environmental assessment (if applicable)
  • Have additional information available about the site:
    • Ownership and Title details
    • Property Survey (along with the Plan of Subdivision if applicable)
    • Detailed Zoning and Permitted Uses information
    • Road and rail access
    • Utilities and Servicing letters and maps
    • Maps including topography, developable area and surrounding uses
    • Community profile 

Shovel ready sites in Windsor

 Less than 20 acres

 50 to 100 acres

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