<![CDATA[ City of Windsor Newsroom ]]> <![CDATA[ Online Survey for the Lanspeary Park and Outdoor Pool Redevelopment ]]> <![CDATA[ Open Streets Windsor 2022 Brings 8 Kilometres of Wellness, Togetherness and Fun! ]]> <![CDATA[ Alexei Ungurenaşu Completes Term as the City of Windsor’s Second Youth Poet Laureate ]]> <![CDATA[ 3 More Hot Summer Nights Fun Blasts to Enjoy; 2 Dates Changed ]]> <![CDATA[ City Welcomes New Commissioner of Human and Health Services ]]> <![CDATA[ Banwell Road Corridor Improvements – Phase 2 ]]> <![CDATA[ Construction and Infrastructure Improvements Along Huron Church ]]> <![CDATA[ Green Energy Leadership in the City of Windsor ]]> <![CDATA[ Province Invests in Can-Am Police-Fire Games ]]> <![CDATA[ Zero Waste Initiative Impresses at Can-Am Police-Fire Games ]]> <![CDATA[ City Cuts Ribbon on State-of-the-Art Greenhouse Complex ]]> <![CDATA[ Erskine Street Paving Complete – 48 Kilometres of Improvements and Counting in 2022 ]]> <![CDATA[ Can-Am Police-Fire Games Opening Ceremonies ]]> <![CDATA[ Can-Am Police-Fire Games Community Cycling Opportunities ]]> <![CDATA[ 2022 Final Tax Bills in the Mail ]]> <![CDATA[ Summer Tours to Peche Island Return ]]> <![CDATA[ City Council Chambers Open for Meeting ]]> <![CDATA[ Fire Competitions Set to Thrill at Can-Am Police-Fire Games ]]> <![CDATA[ Sewer Master Plan Update ]]> <![CDATA[ Willistead Manor Summer Tours Free For New Coach House Historical Exhibition and Hiram Walker 206th Birthday ]]> <![CDATA[ City Now Accepting Applications for 2022 Round 2 of the ACHF Grant Program ]]> <![CDATA[ Hot Summer Nights Fun Blast 2022 ]]> <![CDATA[ Planning a Multi-Use Trail around the Roseland Golf and Curling Club ]]> <![CDATA[ Aquatic Summer “Adventures” Begin ]]> <![CDATA[ Mayor and Museum Seek Photographs and Artifacts Highlighting Walker Legacy and Prohibition Story ]]> <![CDATA[ Road Safety and Traffic Town Hall Meeting ]]> <![CDATA[ Public Feedback Wanted on Two New Dog Parks ]]> <![CDATA[ New Emergency Shelter Ready to Welcome Women and Families ]]> <![CDATA[ Riverdale Park Improvements Begin ]]> <![CDATA[ Gateway Park Improvements Begin ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor and Local Ukrainian Communities Mark the Rededication of Windsor’s Holodomor Monument ]]> <![CDATA[ New Substance Supports Outreach Strategy to Launch ]]> <![CDATA[ Tembo Wash Day is Back! ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Observes National Indigenous Peoples Day ]]> <![CDATA[ Expanding Windsor’s Tree Coverage and Canopy ]]> <![CDATA[ Can-Am Police-Fire Games Golf Series Provides $200,000 Cheque ]]> <![CDATA[ Fontainebleau Splash Pad Unveiled ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor to Celebrate Hiram Walker’s 206th Birthday With Festival, Unveiling of Sculpture & Exhibition ]]> <![CDATA[ Sandpoint Beach Opens and More Ways to Beat the Heat ]]> <![CDATA[ It’s Back! Meet-A-Machine Returns In Person to the WFCU Centre! ]]> <![CDATA[ Masks Still Required on Transit Windsor and at Huron Lodge ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Expands Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Footprint ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Financial Rating Raised to AA+ by S&P ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Utilizing Innovative New Public Engagement Tool ]]> <![CDATA[ Planning a Multi-Use Trail for the South Cameron Woodlot ]]> <![CDATA[ City to Begin Work to Transform Key Districts ]]> <![CDATA[ Park Trails Closing Temporarily for Final Asphalt Paving ]]> <![CDATA[ Stodgell Park Redevelopment Begins with Parking Lot ]]> <![CDATA[ City Invests $100,000 for First Full-Size Cricket Pitch Plus Multi-Use Trail Improvements at Derwent Park ]]> <![CDATA[ Celebration Marks 2022 Windsor Mayor’s Arts Awards and Windsor Endowment for the Arts Awards & Grants ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor and CUPE Local 82 Ratify Collective Agreement ]]> <![CDATA[ City Welcomes Partnership from Motor City Community Credit Union ]]> <![CDATA[ Ukrainian Holodomor Monument and Fountainebleau Splash Pad Ready but Waiting ]]> <![CDATA[ $27 Million Cabana Road Corridor Upgrades Continue ]]> <![CDATA[ Can-Am Police-Fire Games Golf Nearly Full and Public Invited to Compete in Several Events ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor’s 130th Birthday Celebration and Mayor’s Walk ]]> <![CDATA[ McKee Park Improvements Set to Begin ]]> <![CDATA[ Delivering Results for Forest Glade Optimist Park ]]> <![CDATA[ City Appoints Next Poet Laureate, Inaugural Indignenous and Multicultural Community Storytellers ]]> <![CDATA[ Mary Ann Mulhern Completes Term as the City of Windsor’s Second Poet Laureate ]]> <![CDATA[ Public Information Centre Wyandotte Street East Corridor Review ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor is One of Many Grateful Recipients of 2022 Canada Summer Jobs Program Funding ]]> <![CDATA[ City and Partners Step Up with Sole Focus on Mental Health ]]> <![CDATA[ Save the Date: Can-Am Police-Fire Games Opening Ceremonies ]]> <![CDATA[ Emergency Preparedness Week 2022: Be Ready for Anything! ]]> <![CDATA[ Public Consultation Launching for Proposed Relocation and Upgrades at Sandpoint Beach ]]> <![CDATA[ $59,000 awarded to 19 recipients in first 2022 round of the Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) program ]]> <![CDATA[ Ojibway Nature Centre Opens on Earth Day ]]> <![CDATA[ 2022 Windsor Endowment for the Arts (WEA) and Windsor Mayor’s Arts Awards Celebration Details Unveiled ]]> <![CDATA[ Food and Organic Waste Survey ]]> <![CDATA[ The Countdown Starts April 17 ]]> <![CDATA[ Delivering Results for Southwood Lakes ]]> <![CDATA[ $850,000 in Improvements to Courts in Forest Glade ]]> <![CDATA[ Delivering Results for E.C. Row ]]> <![CDATA[ Collection Calendars Update: Delivery is Underway ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Fire & Rescue Awarded Grant of $5,000 from Enbridge Fueling Futures ]]> <![CDATA[ Province Supports Electricity Infrastructure Expansion ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Chief Administrative Officer to Depart Role ]]> <![CDATA[ City to Host Virtual Engagement on the Multi-Residential Interim Control By-law Study ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor and ENWIN 2022 Public Salary Disclosure ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor, Ontario, to Be Home to First Large-Scale Electric Vehicle Battery Plant in Canada ]]> <![CDATA[ Reduce the Risk of Flooding by Taking Action in Your Home ]]> <![CDATA[ Residents Invited to Celebrate Earth Hour ]]> <![CDATA[ City Council Lifts Mask By-law ]]> <![CDATA[ City Ends Declaration of Municipal Emergency ]]> <![CDATA[ EC Row On-and-Off Ramps Spring Clean-up Begins ]]> <![CDATA[ New Rapid Housing Initiatives Announced ]]> <![CDATA[ Retaining Wall Repair at the Vietnam Memorial Monument ]]> <![CDATA[ Prescribed Burns ]]> <![CDATA[ Meadowbrook Park Pathway Replacement Now Complete ]]> <![CDATA[ New Waste Collection Calendar on the Way ]]> <![CDATA[ March Break Happenings at the City of Windsor ]]> <![CDATA[ City Offers Options for Residents to Support Ukraine ]]> <![CDATA[ 2022 Canada Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) Applications for Windsor Essex ]]> <![CDATA[ City Outlines Changes as More Restrictions are Lifted March 1 ]]> <![CDATA[ Proposed City and Pillette Village BIA Partnership for Streetscape Improvements ]]> <![CDATA[ City Recreation and Culture Programming Continues to Grow as Provincial Re-opening Expands ]]> <![CDATA[ Ontario Superior Court Order Extended ]]> <![CDATA[ Plows Move Into Residential Areas Following Snowfall ]]> <![CDATA[ Support for Residents During Extreme Weather ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Makes Superior Court Materials Public ]]> <![CDATA[ City and Contract Crews Dealing With Mixed Weather Conditions ]]> <![CDATA[ First City Commissioner of Economic Development and Innovation ]]> <![CDATA[ Ontario Superior Court Hearing Continues Friday ]]> <![CDATA[ Ontario Superior Court Order ]]> <![CDATA[ Injunction Granted by Ontario Superior Court ]]> <![CDATA[ Injunction Hearing Set for Noon Friday ]]> <![CDATA[ Community Reminder Focuses on Fire Safe Behaviours to Keep us Alive, Safe and Well ]]> <![CDATA[ Clearing of Residential Streets to Begin Friday ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Endowment for the Arts and Mayor’s Arts Awards Seek Nominations and Applications for 2022 ]]> <![CDATA[ Storm Update Closures ]]> <![CDATA[ City and Contract Crews Prepare for Snowfall ]]> <![CDATA[ Interim Tax Bills Mailed and Help for Small Businesses ]]> <![CDATA[ Funding Boost For Windsor’s McKee Park Redevelopment ]]> <![CDATA[ Collaborative, System-wide Response to Support Persons Experiencing Homelessness ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Accessibility Campaign Launches Across Ontario ]]> <![CDATA[ City Recreation and Culture Programming to Resume as Facilities Prepare for Safe Re-openings ]]> <![CDATA[ Bright Lights Windsor Brings its Windsor Wonderland to a Close ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Expands and Rebrands Poet Laureate Program ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Fire & Rescue Awarded Grant of $10,000 from CP Rail ]]> <![CDATA[ Dog Licences Ensure a Happy Reunion – Get Yours From the Comfort of Home ]]> <![CDATA[ Funding Increase Approved and 2022 Deadlines Set for Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) Program ]]> <![CDATA[ Fluoride Returns to Drinking Water ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Council Confirms All Elected Officials Boosted ]]> <![CDATA[ $1-Million Mackenzie Hall Restoration Nears Completion ]]> <![CDATA[ New Sculpture at Stop 26 Beach Celebrates Windsor-Detroit Ties ]]> <![CDATA[ Municipal Staff Vaccination Update - January 5 ]]> <![CDATA[ City Enters Modified "Step Two" of Provincial COVID Protocols ]]> <![CDATA[ Make Windsor Fire & Rescue's Holiday Wishes Come True! ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Unveils Signage for Newly Named Hope Hill ]]> <![CDATA[ Proposed 2022 Budget Delivers Results for Transit Operations ]]> <![CDATA[ Proposed 2022 Budget Delivering Results for Parks ]]> <![CDATA[ $8.9-Million Phase 2 Complete For Provincial / Division Corridor Project ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Granted Park Licence Over Gateway Park ]]> <![CDATA[ Charles Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain: The Future of an Historic Windsor Landmark ]]> <![CDATA[ Prize Winners Announced in WEVax To Win Contest ]]> <![CDATA[ Investing $2.3 Million in Windsor’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector ]]> <![CDATA[ #GetLoud and “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™” ]]> <![CDATA[ Full Vaccination Needed for Anyone 12 and Older to Enter Indoor City Rec Facilities and Community Centres ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Improves Safety at Public Parks ]]> <![CDATA[ $4-Million Reconstruction of Eastlawn Avenue ]]> <![CDATA[ City and County Partner on WEVaxToWin ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Expanding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Citywide ]]> <![CDATA[ Community Shows Support for Can-Am Police-Fire Games ]]> <![CDATA[ Council Invests $9.4 Million to Replace 32 Playgrounds Citywide ]]> <![CDATA[ Ypres and Gladstone Avenues Undergo $4.6 Million in Upgrades ]]> <![CDATA[ Realtor Park Ball Diamond Reconfiguration ]]> <![CDATA[ Lauzon Parkway to Undergo $8.1-Million Reconstruction ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Fire Joins Health Canada in Warning Residents about Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Appoints Next Youth Poet Laureate ]]> <![CDATA[ Municipal Services Impacted by Latest Provincial Orders ]]> <![CDATA[ City Provides Free Transit for Mass-Vaccination Rides ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Moves to Lockdown to Prevent Further COVID-19 Spread; City Service Delivery Modified ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Moves to Red and Recreation Centres to Close Temporarily ]]> <![CDATA[ Local Mental Health Sector Support Programs and Resources ]]> <![CDATA[ Proactive By-Law Enforcement Blitz ]]> <![CDATA[ Building Safer Streets and Expanding Storm Sewer Capacity in Provincial / Division Corridor ]]> <![CDATA[ City Investing over $45 Million to Improve Cabana Road ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Windsor Preparing for Front Door Boarding ]]> <![CDATA[ Fall and Winter Recreation Services Update ]]> <![CDATA[ Recognizing COVID Community Champions ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Orders Use of Masks inside Public Spaces ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Moves to Stage 3; Several City Services and Amenities Resume ]]> <![CDATA[ Partnership Supports Vulnerable Populations ]]> <![CDATA[ Testing Wastewater for Coronavirus ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Windsor Adding Routes and Increasing Services ]]> <![CDATA[ Gift Cards to Support Local Agencies ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor to begin bilateral discussions with Hôtel-Dieu Grace Health Care Consortium ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Selects Fairmount Properties as Developer for Mixed-Use International Village ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Windsor Recovery Plan ]]> <![CDATA[ Canada and Ontario invest in public transit and active transportation infrastructure for Windsor ]]> <![CDATA[ More City Services, Facilities, and Amenities to Re-Open ]]> <![CDATA[ Staff Member at Huron Lodge Tests Positive for COVID-19 ]]> <![CDATA[ Statement from Mayor Drew Dilkens June 24, 2020 ]]> <![CDATA[ Bus Service Adjustments Extended ]]> <![CDATA[ By-Law Enforcement Resumes Regular Service June 1 ]]> <![CDATA[ Expansion of Child Care for Emergency Support Workers ]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19 Small Business Action Plan ]]> <![CDATA[ Province Lifts Restrictions on Dog Parks and Outdoor Amenities ]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19 Re-Openings: May 16 and May 19 ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor Invests to Protect the Health of All Residents ]]> <![CDATA[ Vulnerable Persons Registry: Protect Loved Ones During Emergencies ]]> <![CDATA[ Peace Fountain and Meet-A-Machine ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Windsor Update on Adjusted Routes and Services ]]> <![CDATA[ Flood Preparations and COVID-19 ]]> <![CDATA[ Local Businesses Stepping Up with Donations ]]> <![CDATA[ City-of-Windsor-COVID-19-Update - Transit Windsor and Malls ]]> <![CDATA[ City Opens Windsor Water World as Day Program Location ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor and Workforce WindsorEssex Launch Essential Worker Registry ]]> <![CDATA[ Revised Council and Committee Meeting Schedule ]]> <![CDATA[ Celebrations, Plant Sale and Spring Programing Cancellations due to COVID-19 ]]> <![CDATA[ Families Supporting Families ]]> <![CDATA[ Child Care Fees ]]> <![CDATA[ Respect Social Distancing ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor offers enhanced Arts, Culture & Heritage (ACHF) funding round in response to COVID-19 ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor-Essex Provincial Offences Services Available ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Windsor Service Level Update ]]> <![CDATA[ Child Care for Emergency Support Workers Update ]]> <![CDATA[ Agreement Reached to Deploy Municipal Staff to Support Community Response to COVID-19 ]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19 Reminder: Keep Your Distance and No Gathering ]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19 Donation Centre Report ]]> <![CDATA[ Emergency Alert System for Windsor Residents ]]> <![CDATA[ Mayor Extends Closure of Devonshire and Tecumseh Malls ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor COVID-19 Update ]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19 Update: Outdoor Recreational Amenities Closed ]]> <![CDATA[ Special Meetings of Council ]]> <![CDATA[ Call for Medical Supplies Continues ]]> <![CDATA[ Call for Medical Supplies Going Well but Still More is Needed ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor COVID-19 Service Level Changes ]]> <![CDATA[ City Introduces Relief Measures for Property Tax Payments ]]> <![CDATA[ Child Care for Emergency Support Workers ]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19 Update: Garbage Collection, Parking Enforcement and Volunteers ]]> <![CDATA[ Emergency Officials Call for Medical Supplies ]]> <![CDATA[ Mayor Declares State of Emergency ]]> <![CDATA[ City of Windsor COVID-19 Updates: Transit Windsor and Municipal Parks ]]> <![CDATA[ City Implements Reduced Services Protocol ]]> <![CDATA[ Reducing Service Fees and Charges for Windsor Residents ]]> <![CDATA[ Council Meetings and Standing Committee Meetings Cancelled ]]> <![CDATA[ Ward 7 By-Election Postponed ]]> <![CDATA[ City Encourages Use of On-Line Services ]]> <![CDATA[ Update on City of Windsor Operations in Light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ]]> <![CDATA[ Approved Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms ]]> <![CDATA[ John Muir Branch of Recognized for Excellence in Conservation ]]> <![CDATA[ Bright Lights On for New Year's Eve ]]> <![CDATA[ Old City Hall Demolition Exceeds Expectations ]]> <![CDATA[ Enbridge Gas Inc. helps Windsor Fire Reduce Fire and Carbon Monoxide Deaths through Project Zero ]]> <![CDATA[ Day Camp Programs to Help Parents ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor is a HIGH FIVE City ]]> <![CDATA[ Adventure Bay Enters TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Celebrating Five Years of Excellence ]]> <![CDATA[ Huron Church Reconstruction Set to Enter Phase Two ]]> <![CDATA[ Transit Windsor Introduces Reloadable Tap Card for Seniors Bus Passes ]]> <![CDATA[ Can-Am Golf Series Partners on Mental Health Awareness ]]> <![CDATA[ Flood Mitigation Funding ]]> <![CDATA[ Can-Am Golf Series in Support of 2022 Police-Fire Games ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Unveils 311 App ]]> <![CDATA[ Windsor Wins Bid to Host Can-Am Police-Fire Games ]]> <![CDATA[ Salt and Plow Tracking Added to Open Data Page ]]> <![CDATA[ Canderel Sale Good for Residents and Business ]]> <![CDATA[ Walkerville 8 Detours for Construction on County Road 42 ]]>