Wyandotte/Chilver Pedestrian Crossover Now Open
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Wyandotte/Chilver Pedestrian Crossover Now Open

The first of two new pedestrian crossovers (PXO) being introduced in Windsor is now open at the intersection of Wyandotte Street East and Chilver Road.

A PXO is a designated crossing area with ground markings and a flashing signal that alerts drivers to use extra caution and yield to pedestrians crossing the road.

In addition to lights, there will be audible alerts at the Wyandotte East PXO, and the crossover is solar powered.

See our video Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) in Walkerville Opens.

About Pedestrian Crossovers

Cyclists and drivers are required to stop for pedestrians using the PXO, which is identified by specific signs and pavement markings. When approaching a PXO, drivers must be prepared to stop behind the yield line and wait for pedestrians to completely cross the road before proceeding, and cyclists must come to a complete stop just as a car would. Pedestrians should indicate their intention to cross and wait for traffic to stop before proceeding.

Fines for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who do not comply with the rules of a PXO range from 150 to 500 dollars. Drivers also face the potential loss of three demerit points.  As of September 1st, 2018 the maximum penalty will increase to $1,000 and 4 demerit points.

Another PXO is being installed at Prince Road and Barrymore Lane and should be in place by the fall of this year.

To learn more about traffic operations, please call 311 or visit www.citywindsor.ca.

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