Windsor Public Library Awarded Windsor Star Archives by Postmedia

The City of Windsor, Windsor Public Library and Postmedia, the parent company of the Windsor Star, are thrilled to announce that an agreement has been reached to make Windsor Public Library the caretaker of about 100 years of local history.

"For over a century, The Windsor Star has diligently captured and chronicled the unfolding stories of our city, becoming an invaluable witness to its history. As a cherished record of our lives' moments, its archives stand as a testament to the remarkable journey that brought us to this day,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “Preserving and offering access to these archives is a profound privilege, as they serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration for our residents and researchers alike."

The Windsor Star has covered Windsor and Essex County since 1890 as a daily and 1860 as a weekly. Over the years, the Windsor Star has had other names, including the Windsor Record (1888), the Border Cities Star (1918), and the Windsor Daily Star (1935), before becoming the Windsor Star in 1959. The Windsor Star archives have always been stored by Postmedia and in recent decades, accessible only to their journalists. But the recent sale of the former Starway printing plant made an archive move necessary. 

“The Windsor Star archives are in my opinion by far the most important historical photo collection in Windsor and Essex County,” Windsor Star Managing Editor Craig Pearson said. “It’s a rich trove of history documenting wars, strikes, celebrations, accomplishments — and much more. I’m thrilled that the City of Windsor has become the caretaker of the Windsor Star Collection and will soon share it with the public.” 

The archives include microfilm, photos, negatives and compact discs (CDs) dating back about 100 years. There are also bound newspapers and an envelope of historical circulation data from 1917. 

“I can’t think of a better fit for housing this historic information and, in turn, being able to make it accessible to all, than the Windsor Public Library,” said Library Board Chair Mark McKenzie. “Being a gateway to information is what we do, and we’re excited to take this on.” 

The Windsor Star archives will be catalogued by library staff. As well, there will be a public display created to showcase some of the area’s history as depicted by the archives, and a plan for public access for individuals and researchers will be shared. 

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