Windsor-Essex Acts to Restore the Earth

A group of local environmental advocates have come together to help “Restore the Earth,” and you can help too.

Restore the Earth is the theme of this year’s Earth Day activities aimed at preserving our planet and making it a cleaner, safer, more sustainable place to live.

The City of Windsor, Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA), Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA), and WEtech Alliance joined in a panel discussion on ways to improve our planet, change our local carbon footprint, and embrace exciting new innovative ideas. You can watch the discussion hosted by Team Goran Cares spokesman Steve Bell: 2021 Windsor-Essex Virtual Earth Day Hour Presentation (YouTube).

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, our 32nd annual local Earth Day celebrations are digital again this year, and through the Restore the Earth theme, our first Virtual Earth Day Scavenger Hunt is underway.

We have teamed up with GooseChase, a scavenger hunt app you can find at that uses the latest smartphone technology to create interactive “mission challenges” that everyone can enjoy from the safety of their home, backyard, or neighbourhood (socially distancing of course). Join the challenge and do what you can for our earth!

Earth Day was celebrated for the first time on April 22, 1970. Today, more than one billion people in 193 countries participate in Earth Day activities each year.


“We recognize as global temperatures continue to rise and extreme weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, Windsor-Essex communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals all need to work together to encourage action on climate change.” – Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

“City of Windsor actions alone can not restore our Earth. Individual actions, no matter how small they may appear, add up to make a big difference. As we celebrate another Earth Day from our homes, let’s take the time to explore the environment around us and identify new actions we can all take to live a little more sustainability. The Virtual Earth Day Scavenger Hunt was designed to inspire each of us to explore new opportunities.” – Karina Richters, Supervisor Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change – City of Windsor

“To care for, sustain and preserve our planet’s natural resources as well as those in our local community, we are encouraging residents to reduce the amount of waste they generate by properly disposing of face masks, swapping out single-use products for ones that are reusable, composting leftover food waste, and recycling. We can donate items we no longer need or use, and take a hard look at our purchasing habits. Individual actions can make an impact. We have the ability to affect change. We’d like to thank everyone for participating in our Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and allowing us to the opportunity to educate, encourage and promote environmental change.” – Cat Griffin, Communications Specialist with Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA)

“Normally at this time of year, we’d look forward to welcoming hundreds of volunteers to plant thousands of trees. Since 1999, as a result of the annual Earth Day Tree Planting in the city of Windsor, more than thirty thousand trees have been added to the city’s landscape. And while we can’t come together in our usual way, we are so thankful to all those celebrating Earth Day virtually by completing Earth Day missions. As well, ERCA will be planting more than 100,000 trees this spring with some modified practices. We all know that tree planting is one of the most effective tools in combatting climate change, and it is critically important that we continue to find creative means to take action to improve our environment.” – Tania Jobin, Chair – Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA)

“Technology, innovation and entrepreneurs play an important role in solving environmental problems. AI is having an impact on agricultural practices. Ridesharing companies are enabling the use of fewer vehicles. Sensors are observing air and water quality. Drones are aiding endangered wildlife. And, smart homes are helping adopt smarter lifestyles. Now, more than ever, technology has the potential to transform environmental protection and sustainability”. – Yvonne Pilon, President and CEO of WEtech Alliance

“Our CPC Green Connections is a group of small business owners, social enterprises, and community-based organizations that want to make a difference by promoting environmentally and socially sustainable practices in Windsor-Essex. This year we are excited to work with the City of Windsor in promoting the #YQGgreen mission on how we can help save our planet by working together as a community.” Elizabeth Elias-Hernandez, Chair of CPC Green Connections

“Earth Day is a day of reflection, awareness and celebration of our planet, with all the amazing elements which it has to offer and provide us as its residents. At Team Goran RE/MAX Care Realty we are proud to partner with the City of Windsor, Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority, Essex Region Conservation Authority and the many local ‘green’ businesses who continue to evolve and create innovative solutions to improve our lives in Windsor-Essex through climate change initiatives. With real estate as our core business, where we live, work and play is everything. Therefore, supporting the first ever Virtual Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and providing ‘green’ prizes not only inspires participation, but this event also provided an opportunity for us to support local business.” – Goran Todorovic, Broker-Owner TEAM GORAN RE/MAX Care Realty 

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