Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Corporation Announces Tal Czudner as its New Chief Executive Officer

The Windsor Detroit Tunnel Corporation (WDTC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tal Czudner as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective August 1, 2023. Mr. Czudner will succeed Carolyn Brown, bringing with him a wealth of experience and deep-rooted connection to the Windsor community.

Throughout his professional career, Tal has gained extensive experience in various industries, demonstrating his adaptability and leadership capabilities. Notably, his prior experience includes Casino Windsor, Beach Grove Golf and Country Club, Essex Golf & Country Club and Landscape Effects Group. Czudner’s recent tenure at Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd. broadened his experience with the manufacturing sector while further adding to his extensive skill set. Tal holds two degrees from the University of Windsor.

Czudner’s proven track record of success, combined with his understanding of the region’s evolving needs, challenges and opportunities positions him well to effectively manage the tunnel as critical and strategic infrastructure to best service its end users. The Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Corporation welcomes Tal Czudner as its new CEO, and the organization looks forward to a bright and promising future under his leadership.


“With each role he has taken on throughout his impressive career, Tal Czudner has proven to be an effective leader, innovative and passionate executive, and dedicated community-builder in Windsor and the surrounding region. Through his important new role, Tal will be a major asset to the WDTC Board of Directors as they strive to grow an important city asset. Our community is experiencing unprecedented growth in our population and economy, as several key investments and large-scale infrastructure projects are combining to create a solid and bright future for our region. Tal understands our key position as an international gateway between Canada and the United States, and will work to advance every opportunity ahead of us.”
- Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, Chair, Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Corporation

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