WIATC in Top Form
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WIATC in Top Form

Windsor’s premier water training and competition facility is in top form and ready to host any-and-all events.

This after the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre (WIATC) Presented by WFCU Credit Union, received a visit from Italian maker Myrtha Pools.

A & T Europe Spa (Myrtha Pools) was contacted in April 2018 following concerns brought forward during the 2018 Eastern Canadian Swimming Championships. The concerns were related to a suspected water current in the Natatorium at WIATC.

A team from Myrtha attended to determine the root cause or causes to a main clock-wise water current affecting swimmers when the pool is configured in 50-metre or long course competition mode.

While on site Myrtha Pools performed testing including water treatment or filtration system design checks, performed fluid dynamics computations, completed swimmer simulations with computer modelling and in-person testing, the FINA Appreciable Current Test and assessed water temperature. Equipment used included an ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter and endoscopy. Testing and analysis was done in daily programming configuration as well as 50-metre or long course competition configuration.

Two main root causes and two minor root causes were discovered and have been resolved. This included removal of a plug installed to restrict cold water being introduced into the thermal section of the pool, clearing of aggregate debris from several inlets, mass flow calibration of the pool and balancing the inlet distribution on the east and west sides of the pool. Myrtha Pools performed additional post-resolution testing in 50-metre or long course competition configuration to ensure the root causes had been accurately identified and that the concerns regarding a current in the pool had been rectified.

Divers launching into the aquatic centre pool

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