Transit Windsor Introduces Reloadable Tap Card for Seniors Bus Passes

Transit Windsor is introducing a handy new format for senior’s bus passes. The former two-piece magnetic swipe card will be replaced with a reloadable, one-piece card that includes the required photo ID and “smart pass” tap function all in one piece.

Transit Windsor (TW) is launching the new senior’s card as the second phase of a pilot project to implement smart media to the public. Until now, bus pass holders used a calendar-based magnetic pass (swiped into the fare box) that was valid for that calendar month only and had to be purchased one month at a time. Starting May 15, 2019, Transit Windsor will be eliminating the magnetic version for senior’s passes and replacing them with a new reloadable TW Smart Pass.

The new seniors pass that will have the photo ID directly on the reloadable tap card, and all seniors will have to visit either 300 Chatham Street West or Transit Centre 3700 Service Road to purchase their first new smart pass. Once you have your new pass, you will be able to reload it at the Downtown Terminal from 7:00am to 9:00pm or the Transit Centre from 8:30am to 4:00pm, and all Customer Care Centres, as well as the Shoppers Drug Mart located at Ouellette and Wyandotte will now be available to reload your passes too.

The smart pass can be reloaded in increments of 15 or 30 days at anytime. This will eliminate the need to rush in at the end of the month to purchase your next month’s pass, and most importantly, it will eliminate your wait in the long lineups. Cost will remain the same for seniors at $48.40. Note: Senior magnetic passes for the month of May will still be valid until May 31, 2019.

The pass is activated by tapping it on the farebox for the first time and will now be valid for the next 30 days. The benefit is that you can reload your pass at your convenience.

Student and adult calendar magnetic passes, as well as paper tickets, including tunnel will still be available and valid. Paying cash with exact fare of $3 on city service and $5 tunnel service on the bus will also remain available for our riders.

Looking forward. Transit Windsor’s goal is to eliminate all magnetic passes and paper tickets and replace them with the TW Smart Pass over time (i.e. simply tap and ride). Once this has been implemented, it will provide us the opportunity to move to the next phase and final stages that include additional reload locations and mobile ticketing. Mobile ticketing would allow our riders even more flexibility to reload their TW Smart Pass online and will give you the ability to use your smartphone as a pass.

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