Transit Accessibility Campaign Launches Across Ontario

Provincial EnAbling Change Program helps transit agencies raise awareness and promote accessibility

Transit Windsor is launching a new campaign to raise awareness of transit accessibility features and to encourage customers to consider the needs of others.

This campaign was developed by the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA) in partnership with local transit agencies who will use the campaign material throughout 2022 to promote compliance with Ontario’s accessibility standards.

The campaign uses clear and simple messaging in a friendly and non-judgmental way to educate transit riders about accessibility features, such as priority seating and service animals. It also reminds people that not all disabilities are visible. Advisory committees on accessibility across the province were consulted during the campaign design process to ensure that the messaging and visuals were appropriate and clear.

The EnAbling Change Program is administered by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility and provides funds for strategic partnerships with industry and sector leaders to significantly improve accessibility for people with disabilities and promote compliance with Ontario’s accessibility standards. These projects aim to raise awareness to a large audience of the barriers faced by people with disabilities. The campaign material will be visible on buses, at the Downtown Terminal, and on our website

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