Reimagining Windsor’s Downtown with Solutions: Your Voice Matters

The City of Windsor, in partnership with StrategyCorp consultants, is engaging with stakeholders and the public to create a vibrant, safer, and inclusive downtown core that attracts more residents and businesses while addressing pressing issues like safety, homelessness, and addiction.

Like many communities, Windsor faces significant challenges related to homelessness and addictions, primarily concentrated in the downtown area. However, by harnessing the strength of our collective efforts and community-driven “Made in Windsor” solutions, the prospect of revitalizing downtown is attainable.

Residents, business owners, visitors, and anyone with insights to join in shaping the future of downtown Windsor is invited to participate in this process. The Downtown Windsor Revitalization Survey is an opportunity to share your experiences, solutions, suggestions, and concerns. The input will play a pivotal role in guiding StrategyCorp's experts in formulating a comprehensive strategy for Windsor that benefits everyone.

The Downtown Windsor Revitalization Survey represents just one facet of the consultations. In addition to this survey, input will be actively pursued through consultations with focus groups and meaningful engagement with stakeholders and support agencies. By collaborating with the community and experts, the goal is to gain a full understanding of the current challenges.

With the community’s participation, the goal is to provide meaningful solutions to make downtown Windsor a safer and more vibrant place for all. The input will help create a downtown core that thrives.


"Windsor’s economic outlook is bright. Our neighborhoods are growing with new homes under construction and businesses opening. In 2023, we anticipate record-breaking values for building permits, marking unprecedented growth for our city. It is vital that we continue to prioritize the safety and prosperity of our downtown core to create the ideal conditions and environment that will not only foster economic growth but also draw more residents to our vibrant downtown. These consultations and surveys are the initial steps toward revitalizing our downtown.”
- Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

“This is an all-hands-on-deck approach to fully understanding the impacts that the current situation has had on the downtown core. We’ll be engaging with the community in a real-time way to provide the breathing room for residents and businesses to see improvement to the vibrancy of our core. A ‘Made in Windsor’ approach will not solve the core issues, and we all understand that. But, now is the time for understanding to lead to ideas, which will lead to actions that can change the landscape here. Despite the challenges we’re up against, Downtown Windsor has been experiencing positive changes every day. We’re making real progress. We can’t stop. We won’t stop. This is the next step.”
- Councillor Renaldo Agostino, Ward 3

Key Details:

Join us in shaping the future of Windsor's downtown. Together, we can make a difference.

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