Planning a Multi-Use Trail for the South Cameron Woodlot

The City of Windsor is looking to create an environmentally sensitive trail through the South Cameron Woodlot.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Ward 10 Councillor Jim Morrison made a visit to the area today.

The woodlot measures 31.26 acres and is bordered by strong residential growth along its northern, eastern and southern boundaries. A 400-metre trail already exists connecting the northern and southern neighbourhoods. The planned additional multi-use trail would connect the southern and eastern neighbourhoods and increase access and enjoyment of this neighbourhood space for residents and visitors.

City Council has approved hiring a consultant to find the best way through the woodlot, and that could include the possibility of a scenic winding path from Ojibway Street, near Rankin, across to Treehouse Park on Kenora Street. Another option could be a more direct trail connecting both of the existing dead-ends of Ojibway Street through the woodlot.

At a meeting in May, Council approved $950,000 to help move nine projects along. The South Cameron Woodlot multi-use trail is one of the identified projects. City administration expects the consultant report to be completed by the end of summer, with the project presented to Council as a part of the 2023 proposed capital budget.


“The City of Windsor is home to 205 parks. Expansion of our multi-use trail network plays an important part in helping to connect these popular outdoor spaces. Today’s announcement is about delivering results to increase quality of life, access, and enjoyment of popular Windsor parks. The South Cameron Woodlot multi-use trail would allow residents and visitors, in Ward 10 and beyond, to further explore this natural area, while also visiting great nearby spaces like Treehouse Park and the Ojibway Street/South Cameron Park.”
– Mayor Drew Dilkens

“The South Cameron Woodlot is an important area of greenspace for residents of Ward 10, but as it currently stands, it can present difficulties to residents living on the east and south ends looking for quick access into either neighbourhood. By adding an environmentally sensitive trail through the woodlot, we’ll be expanding this community’s active transportation network while also making travel more convenient.”
– Councillor Jim Morrison, Ward 10

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