Old City Hall Demolition Exceeds Expectations

The City of Windsor is proud to announce that efforts to divert waste from the demolition of Old City Hall have surpassed their goal.

As was reported in January of this year, the City was hoping to achieve an 80-85% recycle rate from materials left behind from the demolition of the old building, including crushing the concrete and brick on site and reusing it as backfill, comparable to a granular B material, where the old foundation was removed. This effort was made to save money on both backfill and the cost that would have been involved to transfer material to the landfill, not to mention the environmental benefits. 

DST Consulting and Budget Environmental Disposal were the team tasked with this project, and the actual waste diversion achieved was 96.5%. Of 8,301 tons of waste, only 283 ended up in landfill.

You can see a time lapse video of the demolition and recycling of Old City Hall on the City of Windsor’s YouTube channel.

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