New Matchette Road Bike Lane Adds Vital Link to Windsor’s Expanding Cycling Network

Today, Mayor Drew Dilkens announced the completion of a $2-million project to rebuild a popular section of Matchette Road, adding a new multi-use trail and pedestrian crossover to improve road safety and create better connections for cyclists, pedestrians and public transit riders in the city’s southwest side.

The new bicycle trail runs along the east side of Matchette Road, from Chappell Avenue to the E.C. Row Expressway. The trail is separated from the road by a one-metre buffer that in some areas takes the shape of a rumble strip to alert motor vehicle drivers if they get too close to the bicycle lane. The trail links with Transit Windsor’s South Windsor 7 route and was funded in part by the Public Transit Infrastructure stream of the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan to improve connections between public transit and active transportation networks.

The Matchette Road bike trail is part of a broader project to expand Windsor’s active transportation network by adding a safe route for cyclists between Malden and Mic Mac parks to the Ojibway Prairie Complex. Phase 2 of this project is expected to begin within the next six to 12 months and will stretch the multi-use trail on Matchette Road from the E.C. Row Expressway to Broadway Street. By 2024, this trail is expected to provide a vital link for cyclists and pedestrians connecting from the new Gordie Howe International Bridge to the Herb Gray Parkway.

In addition to creating the new trail, the Matchette Road construction project also added a new pedestrian crossover in front of the John McGivney Children's Centre to allow students, staff and residents to safely cross between Malden and Mic Mac parks. Matchette Road, which gets about 8,000 vehicles daily, was also rebuilt using a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly engineering process called full-depth reclamation. This process recycled the materials from the existing asphalt road, thereby saving taxpayers about $2 million compared to a traditional road reconstruction job.

The City of Windsor recognizes the vital role active transportation plays in building sustainable, healthy and vibrant communities. Over the past five years, Windsor’s cycling network has increased by more than 37 kilometres – including 13.57 kilometers of new multi-use trails and 23.62 kilometers of new bicycle lanes. The 2021 City of Windsor Budget approved a 10-year $1.6-billion capital plan that continues to invest in public infrastructure and build up our city.


“Council set a vision to make Windsor a leader in active transportation by prioritizing investments in projects that make it easier for residents to walk, cycle and access public transit to move around our city. Over the past five years, Windsor’s cycling network has increased by almost 40 kilometres. Residents now have access to about 160 kilometres of multi-use trails and nearly 100 kilometres of bicycle lanes. The latest addition of a multi-use trail on Matchette Road will provide a vital link to the Ojibway Prairie Complex from Malden and Mic Mac parks.”
– Mayor Drew Dilkens

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