Mayor Dilkens and Council Call for Resumption of Construction and Renewed Federal Commitment at EV Battery Factory

Mayor Drew Dilkens, along with members of City Council and City administration, addressed the impasse today surrounding the construction of the NextStar Energy electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing facility in Windsor.

The NextStar facility, boasting a $5 billion investment and recognized as Canada's top business deal of 2022, is poised to create over 3,000 new jobs, aligning with Windsor's economic development strategy. Its completion will solidify Windsor's position as the Automotive and Automobility Capital of Canada.

Announced in March 2022, the facility was intended to include both the module and battery-cell components. However, construction on the module section has recently come to a halt due to negotiations around incentives.

Mayor Dilkens emphasized the significant risk the construction stoppage poses to Windsor's jobs, growth, and economic outlook, raising concerns about whether the city will see the full plant as initially promised, including the battery-cell, module, and research-and-development components. He also announced his intention to bring forward a Notice of Motion urging the federal government to act swiftly to finalize the agreement to keep the project moving forward and to avoid jeopardizing other economic development efforts in the future.


We all recognize the extraordinary opportunity presented by the EV battery manufacturing facility and its location in Windsor. It is a rare chance for our city to undergo a remarkable transformation, emerge as a leader in the green economy, and participate in the evolution of the automotive industry. We must work together to ensure that Windsor receives all that was committed to us – the module, battery-cell and research-and-development components. The City of Windsor has fulfilled all its project commitments thus far. The Province of Ontario has stepped up with additional funding to safeguard the investment in Windsor. If approved, my motion urges the federal government to move beyond the current impasse and reach a definitive solution that guarantees the completion and operation of the entire facility as originally planned and promised for Windsor. The uncertainty poses a threat both to this project and to future economic development projects in our community. The motion, combined with the petition initiated last week, sends a resounding message to the federal government and all stakeholders involved, emphasizing our unwavering determination to seize this opportunity and secure our economic future. I am confident that City Council will stand united and resolute in our call for the fulfillment of all commitments and the resolution of the current stalemate.”
- Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

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