Huron Lodge Residents Test Positive for COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff and administration at Huron Lodge have implemented protective measures and worked tirelessly to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into the home. Through the continuing mandated testing, a resident in the Poplar memory unit has been identified as COVID positive.  Subsequent testing in that unit identified nine additional residents who have tested positive. To date, no staff at Huron Lodge have tested positive.

“We are closely monitoring for symptoms and signs of COVID 19. To date, no one has developed severe symptoms,” assures Dr. Tim O'Callahan, Medical Director at Huron Lodge.  “I have personally assessed each affected resident daily.  We will continue to provide frequent clinical reassessment and medical support as required, according to each resident's condition and goals of care.”

Jelena Payne, Commissioner of Community Development and Health Services confirms that upon receiving the positive result, the home immediately implemented the required outbreak protocols, which include continued aggressive infection prevention and control measures, and further testing of residents and staff.

“We continue to adhere to our legislated responsibilities under the Long-Term Care Homes Act and direction by Public Health authorities” states Commissioner Payne.  “We recognize that this is a difficult situation for residents, families and staff at Huron Lodge. The health, safety and wellbeing of the residents is and always will be the number one priority”.  

“Our Huron Lodge team stands together, stronger than ever.  All departments, all disciplines, all staff are here and will continue to be here throughout the holiday season and beyond,” pledges Alina Sirbu, Administrator of Huron Lodge.  “The last 10 months are proof of our dedication to you and your loved ones – we thank you for your confidence.”

The situation remains fluid and staff at Huron Lodge commit to communicating with families through the established protocols as information becomes available.

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