Funding Boost For Windsor’s McKee Park Redevelopment

Gordie Howe International Bridge Team Provides $200,000

The City of Windsor’s McKee Park is undergoing a significant redevelopment project in Sandwich Town on Windsor’s west end in 2022.

In total, the park is set to receive an estimated $400,000 upgrade, with $150,000 allocated from the City’s capital budget, another $50,000 coming from ward funds, and a significant $200,000 contribution from the Gordie Howe International Bridge Community Benefit Plan.

The City’s 2022 budget includes $26 million to enhance and improve Windsor’s parks, with about $170 million to be invested over the next decade as Council keeps its focus on updating and improving popular outdoor spaces and amenities. The City’s Neighbourhood Parks Rehabilitation Program focuses on parks that are smaller in scale and designed to complement and contribute to the character of their neighbourhoods, including more passive recreational amenities. Projects undertaken through this program focus on those parks that are deemed to be out of date, lack resources and do not attract users. Redevelopment improvements typically include, but are not limited to, improved landscaping, pathway development and demolition or renovation of outdated park amenities.

The McKee Park enhancements planned as part of this project include the following:

  • Phase 1 - Boardwalk and gazebo installation
  • Phase 2 - Trails, lighting, silos and benches
  • Phase 3 - Playground installation

Recognizing the importance of public green spaces in communities, the Gordie Howe International Bridge project team has provided $200,000 to the City of Windsor to support the McKee Park Redevelopment Project. The funding is part of the project Community Benefits Plan and will help install a new pathway to enter the park, a new boardwalk made of recycled plastics, a gazebo and trail lights.

The first two phases of McKee Park project begin in March and will run consecutively, with expected completion by fall 2022.

By the end of 2022, a new accessible large playground is planned to be installed at McKee Park, funded separately as part of the previously announced $9.4-million Playground Rehabilitation Program.


“As we emerge for the pandemic, the importance of well-developed outdoor spaces for kids and families is more important than ever before. I’m proud of Council’s investments to support the vision outlined in the Parks Master Plan as we continue to build our city up to meet the post-pandemic needs of its citizens. These efforts require strong bonds across the community. Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and Bridging North America (BNA) have been excellent partners to the City as we work together to build the state-of-the-art Gordie Howe International Bridge. Their significant investment in McKee Park and other parts of Windsor’s west end will improve the quality of life for residents and visitors for many years to come.”
Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

"McKee Park is a well-used park in Sandwich Town for residents in the nearby neighbourhoods and for many across the region who enjoy boating and fishing. One of the unique features and benefits of McKee Park is its connection to the water along with the boat ramp that is regularly used. As a result, protecting the shoreline is critically important so that we can enjoy other features of the park, including the boardwalk, playground, trails and other amenities. We are fortunate to partner with Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority on this project and further grateful for their investments in Sandwich Town through the Community Benefits Fund. This partnership has shown and continues to show real results for residents throughout the west end and beyond."
– Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante

“One goal of the Gordie Howe International Bridge Community Benefits Plan has been to maximize our investment in the region through key partnerships. We heard from residents that McKee Park is an important place to the Sandwich community, and we are excited to partner with the City of Windsor to contribute to a project that will enhance the green space and waterfront access for Sandwich residents and visitors.”
– Bryce Phillips, CEO, Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

“BNA is excited and proud to see the Community Benefits Plan funding go directly into the local community, and by working closely with the City of Windsor we can make an even greater impact for the residents in Sandwich Town.”
– Michael Hatchell, CEO, Bridging North America

About the Gordie Howe International Bridge Community Benefits Plan

The Gordie Howe International Bridge project is a once-in-a-generation undertaking. Delivered by Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority with its private-sector partner, Bridging North America, it will lead to much-needed transportation improvements for international travellers and provide jobs and opportunities for growth to the Windsor-Detroit region. Its four components include the Canadian Port of Entry, the bridge, the U.S. Port of Entry and the Michigan Interchange to Interstate-75 (I-75).

The Community Benefits Plan supports opportunities and initiatives that can positively impact economic, social or environmental conditions for Windsor-Detroit, specifically the communities of Sandwich, Windsor; and Delray, Detroit, the neighbourhoods closest to the project area. The Community Benefits Plan reflects community priorities and is comprised of two components:

The Workforce Development and Participation Strategy is geared toward engaging businesses and focuses on supporting workforce, training and pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship opportunities.

The Neighbourhood Infrastructure Strategy focuses on collaborating with stakeholders and community members through consultation to develop a community investment strategy based on identified priorities.

Learn more about the Community Benefits Plan by visiting online.

McKee Park site plan map

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